For software and games, there is Steam. Some types of digital commodities, like artwork and gig services, are supported by Shopify. However, Jack Sharkey, Cameron Zoub, and Steven Schwartz, the other three co-founders, think there is potential for competition.

The makers of Whop, a marketplace where users may sell access to digital things, are Schwartz, Zoub, and Sharkey. The range of goods offered for purchase and resale includes everything from suggestions for sports betting to discounts on food, lodging, and credit cards to advice on how to “level up your social game.”

“Whop is a comprehensive online platform aimed at connecting sellers and buyers within the digital economy,” Schwartz said in an email interview with TechCrunch. Its goal is to provide a one-stop shop for everyone wishing to engage in the digital economy by centralizing all online products.

When they were 13, Zoub and Schwartz connected in a Facebook group due to their love of limited-edition sneakers. Together, they developed one of the earliest “sneaker bots” (software to buy shoes before they sell out), and they utilized the money they made to bootstrap the development of more internet technologies.

Zoub and Schwartz teamed up with software developer Sharkey to generate goods for small enterprises. As a result, they were able to design a free marketplace where individuals could purchase and sell software. But con artists took over.

Sharply stating, “It was trash,” Schwartz said. People were compelled to post in forums and frequently fell victim to scams, a middleman was needed, and the price of the software wasn’t obvious.

One could question what makes Whop unique, given the abundance of markets for products and services, aside from the funny name. (The author did.) According to Schwartz, Whop’s selling experience and product discovery engine set it apart from competitors.

Whop sellers receive a dashboard with data for business insights, tools for customer relationship management, and promotion. A recommendation system, visualizations for finding new products, and a portal for managing purchases are provided for customers.

Sounds typical. Perhaps. Influencers and content producers, however, are Whop’s target market rather than the regular consumer.

As a result, Schwartz, Zoub, and Sharkey started developing Whop, an upgraded marketplace version.

Schwartz stated, “We’re building a new economy, offering individuals new items to sell. “We see ourselves as competing with social media, where people have traditionally gone to sell their software but suffer through an incredibly subpar experience,” said one company representative.

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