SAN FRANCISCO, 19th July 2023 – Hightouch, the industry leader in data activation, revealed USD 38 million in new funding for the expansion and launch of its Customer 360 product. The financing, managed by Bain Capital Ventures, was utilized to develop a new Customer 360 Toolkit that allows data analysts to construct unified customer profiles on top of their unprocessed customer data without requiring months of engineering work.

Businesses have struggled for years to comprehend their clients and engage them in personalized communication truly. Resolving a single identity amid a sea of jumbled and disjointed data has proven to be one of the most challenging hurdles. Customer data is often dispersed across numerous systems and hundreds to thousands of tables, making it incomplete.

“For sales and marketing purposes, we have assisted hundreds of big brands over the past three years. Along the way, we looked at how businesses organize, clean, and get ready to activate their consumer data. Kashish Gupta, co-CEO of Hightouch, said, “We noticed teams spending time on repetitive activities, like identity resolution algorithms and data enrichment. This additional investment enables us to assemble the product and engineering team required to start this significant project and to aim higher with a more ambitious goal.

Hightouch is now used by more than 400 enterprise analytics and marketing departments to swiftly and effectively activate their customer data. Many believe that their marketing efforts will change forever due to this new potential.

When it comes to consumer data activation in the real world, the Hightouch team “gets it,” according to Jason Feng at Zeplin. “Among all of our marketing and data initiatives, the ROI from our partnership with Hightouch is the highest. We absolutely require this new customer 360 capabilities to advance our data activation journey even more quickly.

An entire year of industry-leading product innovation has led to introducing the Customer 360 Toolkit. The 200th connector for platforms, including CRM, email, customer service, and advertising, was just released by Hightouch. The business also released a real-time Personalization API, a Match Booster advertising solution, and an updated no-code audience-building tool called Customer Studio in the previous six months.

As a top supplier of Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, Hightouch enables marketing and data teams to directly activate customer data from their data warehouse to more than 200 destinations, including ad platforms and CRMs. Leading companies like, Spotify, TripAdvisor, PetSmart, and GameStop use Hightouch to activate audiences and other customer data points directly from their organization’s single source of truth – the data warehouse – to the numerous business tools it is required. This enables them to unlock a fast, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative.

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