July 5, 2023 — A successful funding round headed by the health tech-focused venture capital firm YZR Capital was secured by the innovative health tech business apoQlar. The potential of apoQlar’s cutting-edge augmented reality platform, VSI HoloMedicine®, is confirmed by this sizeable investment. With the money, VSI HoloMedicine® version 2.0, a new software product, will be scaled up, enhancing surgical planning, medical instruction, and patient outcomes.

“We are thrilled to have received funding from YZR, a leading German venture capital firm in the health tech space,” stated Sirko Pelzl, CEO and co-founder of apoQlar. “This investment shows the significance of our objective to enhance surgical care and validate the potential of our augmented reality technology. We have faith in our capacity to advance innovation, broaden our influence, and have a substantial worldwide impact on the healthcare sector.

Through the collaboration with YZR Capital, apoQlar will be able to improve its augmented reality technology, solidify its position in the industry, and broaden its reach internationally. The investment will also help apoQlar collaborate with medical professionals and surgical teams to optimize surgical procedures and patient outcomes.

Sirko Pelzl continued, “We are honored to be a member of the NUHS HoloMedicine® ASAP program. “This partnership represents a tremendous advancement in the use of technology to improve patient care and transform the medical industry. We are confident that this trailblazing effort will encourage medical facilities all across the world to utilize augmented reality tools and foster creativity.

The collaboration between apoQlar and NUHS is an example of a shared commitment to advancing medical technology and altering the face of healthcare. This partnership paves the way for major healthcare organizations throughout the world to use the VSI HoloMedicine® platform’s advantages, ultimately advancing clinical procedures and providing top-notch patient care.

The way medicine is practiced, experienced, studied, and communicated is revolutionized by apoQlar, the creator of a medical mixed reality platform. The Microsoft HoloLens hardware is used with the medically approved software platform VSI HoloMedicine® to transform medical images, clinical workflows, and medical education into an engaging 3D mixed reality setting.

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