North Carolina, USA-based leading medical AI data-sharing company Gradient Health closed its funding round at USD 2.75 million. The round took place on June 20, 2023. ReMY Investors & Consultants led the financing for the firm. New investors such as Boro Capital, Supernode Ventures, MedMountain Ventures, The Triangle Tweener Fund, David Golan, and Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) joined in the financing.

 Meanwhile, existing investors VentureSouth and Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health participated in the financing.

Purpose of financing for Gradient Health

With the latest financing, Gradient Health seeks to continue assembling the world’s largest and most comprehensive annotated medical imaging library into a secure, unified platform.

What the company’s official has to say

Josh Miller, CEO of Gradient Health, said, “We are thrilled to have secured $2.75 million in funding. It will accelerate our mission to transform medical AI data sharing. This investment will allow us to continue assembling the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of annotated medical imaging data. With this dataset, we aim to revolutionize medical research and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

What the investors have to comment

 Shana Barghouti, Co-CIO at ReMY Investors & Consultants, who led the round, further said, “We’re excited by Gradient’s vision of building the data layer that will underpin all future medical AI. The team, the vision, and the progress that the team has made already is impressing. Gradient Health is building capabilities that will allow for rapid and game-changing advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.”

In addition, Jay Goss, General Partner at investors Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, said, “As healthcare charts its path with the world of artificial intelligence, which is still in the early innings, a significant unlock comes from accessing clinical data – especially imaging – so that the models are trained responsibly. Gradient has established itself as the leader in this, ensuring an efficient marketplace of sorts exists between algorithm makers and the healthcare industry. We couldn’t be more excited to be involved with this exciting company and stellar team.”

About the company 

In 2018, Founders Joshua Miller, Ouwen Huang, and Suyash Kumar launched the company. The company provides instant access to the raw and labelled medical images needed to train and validate technologies, getting more equitable innovations to market faster. Gradient Health aims to power better medical research by accelerating AI development. Health innovators from around the world use Gradient Health’s platform to improve their products without compromising speed, quality of research or data privacy.

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