NEWARK, Delaware –Gryphon Gaming Partners, BITKRAFT Ventures, and ConsenSys, the parent company of MetaMask, have co-led USD 12 million in Series A fundraising for HyperPlay, a Web3-native game launcher and aggregator of numerous game retailers. In November of last year, MetaMask, the top self-custody Web3 wallet, and Game7, a DAO dedicated to developing Web3 gaming infrastructure, jointly launched HyperPlay. Through a wallet overlay on top of games that enables users to carry their MetaMask wallet straight inside either native or browser-based games, HyperPlay wants to make interoperability the default for all Web3 games.

“In contrast to conventional constructions, HyperPlay assures that there is a place for open and developer-friendly games, fostering technical innovation in games. Thanks to a persistent data layer for discovery, assets, profiles, achievements, and more, the platform will improve gamers’ overall user experiences across all games. We are thrilled about HyperPlay’s strong collaboration with the MetaMask team and Game7, as Jacob is a key component of metamask’s success, said Pierre Planche, Partner at Gryphon Gaming Partners.

“We are impressed with HyperPlay’s developer-first strategy, which has established them as the go-to Web3 game launcher. They are allowing users to bring their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game while allowing game creators the option to deploy on whichever chain they choose. This distinguishes them from competitors in the field, and the launcher provides customers with exceptional use and ease. We can envision a scenario in which HyperPlay expands to web2 games and mobile platforms, said Malte Barth, Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures.

HyperPlay prides itself on serving both developers and users alike. Unlike Apple and Steam, which levy 30% taxes on game developers, HyperPlay is developer loyal. HyperPlay charges no taxes on in-game economies, instead monetizing optional features like on-ramping or token swaps. HyperPlay supports all EVM-compatible chains on the user side, enabling players to bring their wallets, tokens, and NFTs into every native or browser game. HyperPlay’s launcher integrates an in-game wallet overlay, eliminating the need for users to leave the game and use a different website for NFT transactions. While HyperPlay supports games on all MetaMask-supported chains, HyperPlay has teased that some special features are coming to the Mantle L2, an Ethereum scaling solution emphasizing gaming.

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