MacroHealth secures $54M CAD in Series A funding
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30 May 2023, NETANYA, Israel — A Series A preferred equity investment led by KCK Medtech has been closed by Revamp Medical, Inc., a privately held clinical-stage medical technology business dedicated to creating solutions for Heart Failure congestion management and along with Michael Berman, other significant current investors Arkin and Accelmed participated in the fundraising, which will support the Revamp clinical program’s further development.

Nearly 6.5 million Americans suffer from heart failure, a chronic, progressive disease in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to the body. Every year, there are around 1 million new cases. The first product from Revamp Medical is intended for people with acute heart failure. This condition suddenly worsens, necessitates emergency care, and results in more than 1 million hospitalizations annually in the USA. Cardiologists at several heart failure programs in the US are enlisting participants for the DORAYA-HF EFS research on behalf of the firm. Dr. Eugene S. Chung, Chief of Cardiology at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, and an advanced heart failure expert, said that treating patients with acute heart failure can be extremely difficult, especially when congestion persists despite our best medical efforts.

Just below the renal veins in the inferior vena cava, the Doraya catheter is momentarily inserted. The Doraya, designed to lower renal afterload, central venous pressure, and venous return, may improve blood flow through the kidneys and diuresis, allowing clinicians to control venous system hemodynamics. According to Yael Shohat, CEO of Revamp, “We are happy to report that our recently published first-in-human results demonstrated safety and early evidence of improved hemodynamics, diuresis, and congestion relief.”

“The Doraya catheter is an easy-to-use, primary treatment for a widespread and challenging patient group. John White, Managing Director of KCK Medtech, stated, “We are excited to join Revamp Medical as they continue to develop their clinical program and prove the safety and efficacy of the Doraya catheter. 

A privately held medical technology company, Revamp Medical, is dedicated to creating remedies for treating acute heart failure congestion. To meet unmet needs in treating acute heart failure, the company made the Doraya catheter. This transient venous catheter system gives clinicians control over renal afterload, central venous pressure, and venous return. Revamp Medical was incorporated in 2016 and had its headquarters in Israel.

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