If you want to start your own business and are thinking of earning money sitting at home then this is the best option for you to earn money online. The best part for you is that there are tons of opportunities being offered to you in the referral program with no upfront cost. If you have a smartphone or computer and you use the internet, then you will be able to earn money very easily using bitcoinxox trading platform.

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs

Now you must have understood what exactly is the work of the AFF program and is, if not, then try to know more about it. Here are some of the best things for you in this crypto space, time to learn about them. At the end of this blog, we will tell you how and where to start.


HaasOnline has become quite advanced and one of the most popular automated trading platforms for traders. Just like Cryptohopper, Haasonline easily fulfils its function as a trading platform with which a set of profitable trading strategies are used, and with which you can automatically start your trading. It is a tool that supports more than 24 exchanges and can be used only at the time of starting the trade. Additionally, the HaasOnline affiliate programme faces intense competition. If you want to promote products to a group of cryptocurrency consumers, you should look into this affiliate programme.


More and more retail investors are buying and selling crypto, and they are constantly looking for automated solutions for trading. On the CoinRule platform, users can create an automated trading solution sans knowing any programming. You can select multiple rules such as daily top performance, trend rebalancing, and stop loss. Affiliates with the CoinRule affiliate network can earn a 20 per cent recurring commission on plans. As affiliates with a cryptocurrency-based audience who want automated trading, this is a splendid programme.


Bybit which is a popular derivative cryptocurrency exchange among the masses has gained immense popularity in no time. You probably haven’t seen it on YouTube, Twitter, or even on the web before if you’re already involved with it. Reasons why they may be seen: Whose affiliate program is considered to be the best as well they have some affiliates who are promoting the new derivatives exchange more and earning a lot of money? With the Bybit affiliate programme, you can get paid for both the referrals you make and those that lead to more referrals. This pyramid-style system is effective at producing results.

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency holders today are most often using their retirement accounts to hold their crypto assets, for which Bitcoin IRAs are being used. Spending through a retirement fund can save you a tonne of money in taxes. Due to this, shrewd investors looking to shield their money from taxes find storing bitcoin and other digital currencies through an IRA account to be particularly appealing. The Bitcoin IRA program allows you to earn up to $75 for all referred customers who sign up for your Bitcoin IRA account.


Paxful is a bitcoin platform through which you can buy and sell digital coins or tokens. The launch of the affiliate programme, which is meant to be very profitable for the affiliate, has taken a lot of work and business resources. When a consumer you refer purchases, bitcoin using the Paxful platform, you get 50 per cent of the exchange cost. You can ask to get compensated when your affiliates sell bitcoins by messaging their team. When people purchase bitcoin through the Paxful programme, they get a 10 per cent affiliate commission, which is another strong feature. This implies that you can entice additional affiliates to sign up for the Paxful referral programme and profit when those users purchase bitcoin. This is distinctive in the sector and enables you to amass a force of affiliates.

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