Singapore-based food tech startup as well as maker of TINDLE, Next Gen Foods, acquired UK-based dairy startup Mwah. The company announced the acquisition on March 06, 2023. However, it did not disclose the amount of acquisition. 

In addition to the acquisition, the company also unveiled its brand portfolio at Expo West. TiNDLE’s retail products, featuring recipes using Mwah!’s new plant-based gelato, are all set to be released at the Natural Products Expo West show, which is being held in California, USA.

Purpose of acquisition by Next Gen Foods 

The acquisition of Mwah marks the first for Next Gen Foods. The purchase of Mwah allows Next Gen Food to expand into new categories, including plant-based dairy and meat. It further allows the company to continue diversifying its product offerings while meeting rising consumer demand for delicious, sustainable, and unique food experiences.

On the other hand, Mwah! Seeks to leverage existing distribution through Next Gen Foods to support the introduction of its products to key markets, including the United Kingdom. 

What the Next Gen Food official has to say

Andre Menezes, CEO and Co-Founder of Next Gen Foods, said, “When we started Next Gen three years ago, we knew that making a significant impact on the food system would require continuous development of delicious foods that consumers desired. This meant we needed to invest in R&D that would help us create products that would not only deliver on our promise to eliminate animal agriculture but also outperform on taste and experience. By joining forces with Damian and Claudia at Mwah! and expanding our offerings in the plant-based chicken category with TiNDLE, we’re committed to making sure that everyone can enjoy all the foods they already love.”

What the Mwah! officials have to say

Damian Piedrahita, CEO and Co-Founder at Mwah!, further said, “We’re thrilled to be joining the Next Gen Foods family. We know they are the right company to help us expand and tap into the rising consumer desire for more innovations in taste and decadence from the dairy category. Our plans are to introduce our signature creamy and indulgent products this year – with our unique, best-in-class gelato experience – and looking forward to hearing feedback from dairy lovers everywhere.”

About Next Gen Foods

Andre Menezes and Timo Recker launched the company in 2020. Next-Gen Food is a Singapore-based foodtech company. The total funding raised by the startup amounts to more than USD 130 million. 

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