28 February 2023, AUSTIN, Texas  — REALLY, an innovative platform created by CEO Adam Lyons, the creator of TheZebra.com, that brings the sharing economy to mobile phone services, today announces the completion of a USD 18 million seed round, which was led by Polychain, Floodgate founding partner Mike Maples Jr., a previous investor in Lyons’ business ventures.

With an unmatched focus on privacy, accessibility, and anonymity for a 5G network, REALLY’s a mobile network and infrastructure will build a blockchain-powered telecoms community controlled by its users. In addition to its existing offerings, REALLY is now introducing REALLY.com, the nation’s most comprehensive platform for comparing phone plans, enabling users to choose the best service by comparing 56 providers and 379 plans. Executives from AT&T, T-Mobile, GoogleFi, uShip, Indeed, Niche, and The Zebra are among the industry specialists guiding the infrastructure and service build-out for TRULY.

“Even though mobile networks and smartphones have become essential, most individuals don’t enjoy their service provider. We believe there is a huge chance to change this, and our goal is to build a brand that people love and trust in this sector, “Adam Lyons, CEO of TRULY, stated. “We are developing a better, more inexpensive phone service that will enable communities to use their mobile phones to foster equity and help their neighbors. A tiny cell tower installation offers the chance to make money in USD for those interested. There isn’t another network that gives people this much control over how the network is built and powered.”

According to Mike Maples Jr., founding partner of Floodgate, “the continuous and rapid adoption of Web3 and blockchain into our daily lives has allowed for an unparalleled time of transformation in telecommunications.” “Adam and the business specialists who have come together to make TRULY a reality have a history of success in their respective professions. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the revolution in communications that will change the way the sector operates.”

TheZebra.com founder and CEO Adam Lyons’ most recent endeavor, REALLY, is the leading insurance comparison website in the US. REALLY was established in 2022. A new age of mobile ecosystems driven by communities is being ushered in by Truly. In addition to introducing the REALLY Wireless phone service and a decentralized mobile network (REALLY DeWi) that enables everyone to participate in the sharing economy, their user-friendly compare, switch, and save the platform, REALLY.com, contribute to ensuring that all mobile device users have the best service and plan to suit their particular needs. By utilizing the newest infrastructure and blockchain technology advancements, TRULY will give customers greater choice, security, privacy, and coverage. 

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