Siliguri, West Bengal, India-based homegrown tea startups Brewed Leaf entered into a partnership with Village Food Courts. The company announced the collaboration on October 31, 2022. Village Food Courts are New Delhi, India-based company.

Purpose of the partnership between Brewed Leaf and Village Food Courts 

The primary purpose of the partnership between Brewed Leaf and Village Food Courts is to open a premium chai-adda business across the Country.

The collaboration with Village Food Courts adds the F&B retail dimension to Brewed Leaf’s growth strategy. Moreover, the latter can now reach a wider audience.

Besides, Brewed Leaf intends to create experiences around its brand and products.

What the founder of Brewed Leaf has to say

Speaking on the recent partnership with Village Food Courts, Vaibhav Jajoo, Founder of Brewed Leaf, said, “At Brewed Leaf, we strongly believe in the health benefits of our 100% natural and chemical-free teas. Our partnership with Village Food Courts adds the ‘F&B retail dimension to our growth strategy and will help us reach a wider audience and create experiences around our brand and products. We hope to achieve pan-India coverage in the next two years.”

What the Village Food Courts company official has to say

Alok S Pandey, Vice President at Village Food Courts, further added, “India is a chai nation; hence we were cautious in choosing the right partner for our chai business. VFC’s ethos is centred around fresh and healthy food, and we are glad to share the same values with Brewed Leaf. Our chai-adda will be an ode to the true chai lovers and will have a delectable range of premium teas served with desi street food snacks.”

About Brewed Leaf

Vaibhav Jajoo launched the company in 2020. The company is a premium Indian tea brand focused on driving business through D2C and e-commerce channels. It reached a gross order volume of more than INR 2.5 Crores over the last two years. Meanwhile, it collectively serves over 35000 kgs worth of tea across its website, online marketplaces and other distribution channels.

It operates in a competitive beverage brand, the second most popular drink after water. The tea market in India was worth USD 15.6 Billion in 2022. Besides, the tea industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% over the next few years. Globally, India is one of the top five exporters in the world.

Brewed Leaf offers a wide range of premium teas directly sourced from more than 250 tea plantations (chai bagaan) spread across India, from Darjeeling and Assam in the east to the Nilgiris in the south.

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