Superface, which uses APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect programs in a split second, has raised €2.6M (CZK 65M) in a seed financing round. Eamonn Carey led the charge for Tera Ventures of Estonia. Among the new investors in Superface in this round are Caesar Ventures, Quantum Angels, Startup Istanbul, and the angel investors Nicolas Mohr, Michael Vath, and Siim Teller. Furthermore, 42CAP and Tensor Ventures have provided further money to the firm.

The startup plans to add up to 20 new employees the next year, mostly in the fields of technology, product development, internet marketing, and business. By incorporating open APIs that will be browsed, connected, and controlled by algorithms and AI in the digital world, Superface wants to concentrate on automation in the future. Superface’s current database, which was developed in cooperation with a worldwide community of 1,200 developers, will be used to train the AI.

Due to this most recent seed investment, mid-size and large businesses are Superface’s new target market. These are often distributed throughout internal teams and have a significant amount of technical debt in the area of integrations. Because Superface works as an intermediary rather than a middleman and doesn’t charge a fee to call APIs, it helps them save time and money on integrations. One such instance is the partnership between Superface and, which records about 2 million executions each week.

The 14 employees of Superface, which Radek Novotny and Zdenek Nemec formed in 2020, are all senior developers with expertise in API development, integrations, and design. Public APIs are the main area of attention for this team.

“The financing will enable us to enhance market traction and concentrate on product-market fit. We have secured funding from 42CAP, Tensor Ventures, and other knowledgeable angel investors interested in technology and marketing in addition to the investment from Tera VC. We also want to thank Applifting for their ongoing assistance. We are placing a high priority on integrations, with sophisticated startups accounting for most of the strong demand. These firms frequently have more than 100 API integrations planned, with each integration costing between 1,000 and tens of thousands of euros, depending on its complexity. Startups can save a lot of money and time by using Superface, which can be used to fund advancements in other fields, according to Radek Novotn, CEO and co-founder of Superface

According to Tera Ventures general partner Eamonn Carey:

“Companies invest significant time, money, and resources in finding and integrating APIs. I fell in love with the idea of doing away with all the process complexity as soon as I met the Superface team. The team’s plan to use AI for autonomous integrations is a welcome move that developers and founders everywhere have been calling for. Superface is developing something that will drastically ease the work of developers, and we are happy to take part in this adventure.”

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