Warsaw, Poland-based provider of a platform to create, personalize, share, and track product demos at scale, Demoboost raised EUR 1.7 million in recent funding. The pre-seed round took place on October 10, 2022. btov Partners led the financing for the firm. Movens Capital, as well as several European angel investors, joined in the investment. 

Remy Lazarovici (SVP, EMEA Sales Celonis), Julius Goellner (Co-founder of ARRtist), Rafal Brzoska (Founder & CEO, InPost), Piotr Karwatka and Tomasz Karwatka (Catch the Tornado), Szymon Walach (InPost), and Maciej Zawadzinski (Founder & CEO, Piwik Pro) are the investors who participated in the pre-seed round.

Purpose of funding for Demoboost 

With the latest proceeds from the pre-seed round, the company intends to further accelerate product development.

Demoboost also has plans for the global expansion of the platform. 

What the CEO and co-founder of the company has to say

Co-founder and CEO Pawel Jaszczurowski said, “Our team knows the challenges of buying and selling software firsthand. We sold together as a vendor-partner team for Salesforce for years before starting Demoboost.”

He further added, “We have worked on and closed dozens of deals, experiencing the vendor partner-customer dynamic up close. Demoboost addresses the disconnect between the growing expectations of buyers and the capacity of vendors to keep up. Our answer is to help companies supercharge demos.”

What the investor has to say

Andreas Goeldi, from btov Partners, commented, “It is rare for a startup at such a young stage to have a product that works so well and is already being used by so many great companies. That’s a testament not only to the founders’ vision but also to their ability to execute. We are confident Demoboost will be a category-defining company.”

About the company

In March 2021, Founders Kamil Smuga, Pawel Jaszczurowski, Piotr Zesiuk and Anna Decroix launched the company. Demoboost already has a global reach, i.e., clients from regions such as Poland, Germany, Ireland, US, India, Hong Kong and Australia. It also enjoys robust relationships with many corporate companies, such as Veritas and Citrix. Besides, it enjoys partnerships with rapidly developing startups such as Kogena and Ken24. The company aids B2B software vendors to save time and money, shorten sales cycles, and double deal win rates. It is a platform that enables users to create, personalize, share easily, and track product demos at scale.

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