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30 September 2022, SACRAMENTO, California  — A USD 1.3 million seed fundraising round led by Moneta Ventures was announced by Bekonix, Inc., a no-code SaaS firm creating a design platform and construct smart-connected hardware-software products and IoT devices. This announcement followed the Bekonix platform’s wide release. Independent innovators, business SME’s, and large corporations are some of the early clients.

Bekonix CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Kaye:

“Bekonix is seeing success with innovators thanks to our 100% no-code platform, which not only makes it quicker and simpler to create smart, connected IoT devices but also increases the types and number of businesses that can develop deep-technology products. The best partner for Bekonix is Moneta. They have a stellar reputation as a top-tier, founder-friendly VC. Their involvement as a partner in operations and expertise in scaling businesses puts us in a strong position for our growth phase. Compared to the conventional approach, we are well-positioned to help firms and innovators launch IoT devices and commercial-grade hardware-software innovations at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and time.”

By significantly lowering complexity, cost, and time-to-value, Bekonix is well-positioned to overcome some of the most complex challenges to developing and adopting smart-connected technology and IoT. Innovators and businesses can prototype genuine use cases using commercially available components, iterate quickly in response to market and consumer feedback, and then finalise their designs for production thanks to the 100% no-code Bekonix Platform. The cost and time-to-value for items that are ready for the market are decreased by this shorter ROI establishing period, and costly failures are avoided. The speed to value is significantly slowed down by simple integration and well-established IoT cloud backend systems.

David Allen, a partner at Moneta Ventures:

“The Bekonix platform gives a new audience the ability to create IoT-based devices that provide incredible user experiences. Bekonix offers businesses a user-friendly platform for creating new goods and integrating smart technology into existing ones . One of the pillars of the digital transformation is IoT. Bekonix, in our opinion, is essential to lowering complexity, enabling rapid prototyping, and shortening time to market, ultimately enabling a far wider range of businesses and individuals to participate in the next wave of developing smart products. We are delighted to work with the Bekonix team to accomplish this goal.” David will become a board member for Bekonix.”

More about the startup:

Through its no-code platform, Bekonix is democratising IoT by making it possible to develop and produce smart, connected IoT goods. The deep-tech serial entrepreneurs Daniel Kaye, Ken Turcotte, Jyoti Das, Chris Davey, and Debbie English-Deason who launched Bekonix in 2020 collaborated for over 20 years to create ground-breaking, award-winning technology solutions. Daniel Kaye, CEO, and Ken Turcotte, CTO, received Prime-Time Emmy awards for their engineering achievements in film and television. Bekonix is the logical progression of the team’s experiences and difficulties, enabling people to start their own businesses, businesses to be more competitive, and businesses to innovate more effectively.

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