London, the U.K-based crypto VC fund focused on providing social capital support, WWVentures announced the closure of its early-stage web3-dedicated fund. The company closed the fund at USD 15 million on September 26, 2022.

Leading gamers, athletes, and content creators worldwide supported the fund. MrBeast, Fresh, Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Tobias Harris from the Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Bisping, former UFC Champion, Trent Alexander Arnold from Liverpool F.C, and more joined in the fundraise.

Purpose of Fund by WWVentures

With the latest capital injection of USD 15 million, the company intends to invest in projects that are helping build the future of the web3 and blockchain industry. It specifically wants to focus on segments such as infrastructure and tooling, metaverse, gaming, and DeFi. 

WWVentures invests explicitly in early-stage companies with a community-first approach. It seeks to provide social capital and community-building support through its network of influencer investors.  

What the official of WWVentures has to say

Adam Haklili, the Managing Partner of WWVentures, said, “WWVentures stemmed from a community of web3 believers with a shared vision in bringing blockchain technology to the masses. We’ve been creating and participating in communities over the past few years, so the route of backing our projects with social capital and community support came natural to us. We’re eager to work with founders and teams who are disrupting the industry and helping bridge the gap between blockchain and mainstream audiences.” 

What the investors have to add

Fresh, top gamer and content creator, said, “I’ve been following the crypto space since I was 14, and I believe web3 will bring substantial opportunities to the entire gaming community. I invested with WWVentures as they give me the opportunity to invest in top-tier industry projects and connect with founders and teams that share similar goals. I know WWV also supports this stance.”

 In addition, Michael Bisping, former 2X UFC world champion, said, “I am really excited about the change that web3 and crypto are bringing to the world. I’ve been following the industry closely for a few years now, and when I connected with the guys at WWventures, it just clicked. They have a vision I can relate to. I want to be able to put myself in a place where I can invest in new technology and help the projects we’re investing in.”

Besides, David Johansson, CEO of BLOCKLORDS, said, “We couldn’t ask for a better partner than WWVentures. Since we signed with them, we’ve received unparalleled support on everything from creative discussion and game design to community-building and meeting new partners. WWVentures has brought true value as a partner, and we could not be more excited to pave the future of BLOCKLORDS together with them.”

About the company

The U.K-based WWVentures is a boutique VC fund backed by some of the biggest gamers, athletes, and content creators in the world. The company’s network of influencers boasts more than 200 million followers collectively. 

The fund invests in early-stage web3 companies with a community-first approach and provides their portfolio projects with social capital and community development support. Since launching, the fund has invested in a number of projects in the web3 space, such as AssetDash, Taiko, Blocklords, and Fnatic.

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