Michigan, the U.S.A-based data-centric machine learning software company, Voxel51, raised USD 12.5 million in recent funding. The Series A round took place on September 21, 2022. Drive Capital, Top Harvest Capital, Shasta Ventures, and existing investors led the investment for the firm. 

Purpose of Investment for Voxel51 

With the recent proceeds from Series A funding, the company seeks to ramp up its hiring operations. It has plans to expand its diverse team roles focused on product, engineering, community, and more.

Meanwhile, Voxel51 announces the launch of FiftyOne Teams. It is an enterprise platform that helps organizations bring unbiased machine learning (ML) products to market by unlocking the complexities in their visual datasets. It allows them to understand real-world situations and edge cases.

The company earlier raised USD 2.87 million in seed funding from eLab Ventures, ID Ventures, and the University of Michigan.

What the co-founder has to say

Jason Corso, Co-Founder and CEO of Voxel51, said, “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this increasingly important area of machine learning development. High-quality, clean data is critical to the success of ML. We’re providing key infrastructure for data-centric model development with an open source product to support everyone in the space.”

What the investors have to add

Andy Jenks, lead investor and general partner at Drive Capital, said, “Voxel51 sits at the intersection of several large markets: AI, Perception, and Automation. Having contributed years of work to the open source FiftyOne project, the founders are deeply technical and are building the type of world-class team we look for. Voxel51’s platform is a critical piece of the AI stack for any team looking to develop ML products on accurate and diverse data.”

Adam Ghobarah, the founder of Top Harvest Capital, said, “Voxel51 immediately stood out for me as an attractive investment because of the quality of the founding team, the quality of the machine learning technology, and the scope of the market opportunity for data-centric AI in image, video, and now 3D data. Voxel51 provides a well-rounded platform for data-centric AI; it has a leading open source solution and now, with FiftyOne Teams, an excellent enterprise companion.”

In addition, Issac Roth, Partner, Shasta Ventures, said, “Vision AI has the power to unlock the future of automation in a way we have not seen since the Web Revolution; Voxel51’s product is helping to drive that revolution with FiftyOne’s data-centric tool focus. It’s the right tool for this revolution to leverage as it catapults in the coming years.”

Doug Neal, Partner, eLab Ventures, added, “At eLab, we look for deep-tech innovation AI platforms such as the one the Voxel51 team has produced, and we continue to be impressed by their fast pace of growth in the open source community. Their data-centric machine learning software appears to have struck a significant chord in the data scientist community, and we are excited to see how additional capabilities are introduced to enable teams of users in the enterprise setting.”

What the ADT Commercial has to say

Besides, Philippe Sawaya, Director of Artificial Intelligence, ADT Commercial, said, “We’ve used FiftyOne Teams at ADT Commercial for a year now. It has helped us manage our huge datasets, collaborate on model evaluation, tighten our production schedule, and ultimately deliver solutions that help our customers better manage their risk. FiftyOne Teams has added tremendous value to our computer vision processes.”

About the company

In October 2018, Founders Brian Moore and Jason Corso brought Voxel51 into existence. Voxel51 provides an open-source and commercial software platform. It aims to bring transparency and clarity to the world’s data. The company boasts more than 150,000 monthly active users.

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