Parler, the top platform for free expression and viewpoint-neutral social media, announced that it had raised USD 16 million in Series B fundraising, bringing its total funding to date to USD 56 million.

 By creating the best free speech technology infrastructure and platform in the world, Parler can advance the industry. The new funding will support this goal. Along with the funding news, the company is announcing the acquisition of Dynascale Inc., a private cloud provider based in Irvine, California. Dynascale Inc. competes with Big Tech companies by offering private and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as specialized managed services, to businesses all over the world.

Parler is also announcing that it has changed into Parlement Technologies, Inc., and will run a diverse yet unified portfolio of technology and platforms to power the future of free speech. This announcement joins the company’s funding and acquisition news. The company’s infrastructure sector and Parler, its social media subsidiary, will be led by Dynascale Inc.

According to Parlement Technologies CEO George Farmer:

 “We have entered a new era as Parlement Technologies, one that goes far beyond the limitations of a free speech social media platform.” “We are creating a new organization that will enable critical operations across all corporate touch points, from front-of-house customer viewpoints through back-of-house web infrastructure, starting today. Parlement Technologies, in our opinion, will drive the future. The future also cannot be changed.”

Dynascale Inc. offers businesses best-in-class private and hybrid cloud solutions, disaster recovery, colocation, managed network services, custom managed services, and free transition support while providing 24/7/365 live support for all clients. Dynascale Inc. will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Parlement Technologies.

Igor Shalkevich, formerly the president of Dynascale Inc. and currently it’s head of business development, stated:

 “We’re happy to be joining the Parlement team, especially now as the firm enters a new and exciting period of forward-thinking leadership and innovation. We are proud to act as the cornerstone for developing what will eventually become a complete ecosystem to safeguard business infrastructure and support free speech platforms. Our solutions encourage cloud maturity”.

More about the startup:

The major free expression social networking platform Parler, as well as cutting-edge technological platforms like Web3 and secure cloud services provided by DeepRedSky and Dynascale Inc., are all owned and operated by Parlement Technologies. In the struggle against Big Tech, Big Government, censorship, and cancel culture, the company serves as a compass. The Nashville, Tennessee-based company Parlement has a growing global community of business innovators, suppliers of goods and services, writers, thinkers, and devoted platform users.

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