Israel’s startup ecosystem saw a rise in funding by 48% y-o-y from 2017 to 2021, from USD 5.24B to USD 25.4B. Participation in the SaaS sector somehow decreased from 15% to 5.5%.

In the same period and with lesser participation, the overall SaaS sector saw a 78% y-o-y from USD 178.38M to USD 1.82B beating Israel’s total funding benchmark. The seed stage funding scenario saw a y-o-y growth of 40% in the same period.

Funding Landscape of Israel towards SaaS (in USD millions) (Source: Pitchbook, Crunchbase)

Let’s discuss the top 10 seed-stage SaaS startups of Israel. We have ranked startups based on funding amount.

1). Voyantis

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Israel

Founders: – Eran Friendinger, Ido Wiesenberg

Establishment year: – 2020

Funding: – US$19M

Investor/s: – Target Global, Operator Partners, Square Peg Capital, Kaedan Capital, Stormbreaker Ventures, Schusterman Foundation, Two Lanterns Ventures, Jibe Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, Voyantisis in the business of providing the Lifetime Value of users to companies to shift their focus towards the customers with retention value. When a business wants to grow, they need to know what type of customers it will serve in the future. Rather than taking a trial and error approach that will eventually waste a lot of time, using the Voyantis platform, online businesses can make a data-driven decision to focus on the more worthy customers. They have maintained an average increase in advertising spending for its clients, decreasing the churn rate by an average of 36%.

2). Brew

Founders: -Gabriel Amram, Maayan Levy, Raviv Ventura, Ronen Idrisov

Establishment year: – 2019

Funding: -US$12M

Investor/s: – MizMaa Ventures, Gefen Capital, Aleph

Based in Tel Aviv, Brew provides in-depth insights into the marketing efforts done by companies to at last reach their purpose of getting commercial success. Taking the help of various modes of marketing for online businesses to get ahead in the game is crucial. Still, businesses’ pain point is finding the gap between necessity and availability. Brew helps companies find the same by analyzing tonnes of data to measure what counts for them more to get a better ROI from their marketing efforts using NLP and machine learning. It caters to 30 corporates, including Loop Me, Exiger, IMVISION and Reblaze.

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Founders: -Eyal Tirkel, Haviv Ohayon, Lee Kappon

Establishment year: – 2020

Funding: – US$11.5M

Investor/s: – YYM Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, helps companies prioritize the overall SaaS security environment. Different risks can harm systems in the business, and these risks should be diagnosed and repaired. Prioritizing the risks is the key; Suridata’s no code makes it easy to figure out security solutions with deep visibility into SaaS Applications Risk and automates the workflows notifying the critical issues ahead hand in hand. They serve various corporates, including Deloitte and Dataminr.

4). Tuvis

Founders: -Deborah Palacios, Yanir Calisar

Establishment year: – 2019

Funding: – US$11M

Investor/s: – Base Partners, GTMFund, Sergio Fogel, Zeev Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, Tuvis is a business communication integration platform. An employee of a company that interacts with clients often uses many different channels for communication when it comes to text messaging, but what if we need to recollect the communication done from other places to track business progress with a particular client? Tuvis comes in where a better customer experience is made easy by integrating individual messaging apps into one CRM. They have their operations in 7 countries serving clients like Volkswagon and Telefonica.

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5). Peech

Founders: -Danielle Dafni, Johnathan Amit-Kanarek

Establishment year: – 2020

Funding: – US$8.3M

Investor/s: – Ariel Maislos,, Ibex Ventures, Nuseir Yassin, Cardumen Capital

Based in Tel Aviv, Peech is a creator economy-targeting video editing tool that allows content creators to make unlimited high-quality videos. Marketers can use its video content creator to make videos with ease to edit videos keeping the brand guidelines in mind. One of the best things about its content editor is the automation of the elimination process of unwanted blanks that comes while recording the video.

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6). Scribe Security

Founders: -Rubi Arbel, Guy Chernobrov, Danny Nebenzahl, Doron Peri

Establishment year: – 2021

Funding: – US$7M

Investor/s: – YYM Ventures, Elron Ventures, Tal Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, Scribe Security is a SaaS security provider that allows any SaaS business to provide software to their customers, assuring the security of the same from any malicious activity that can happen to its code to ensure the integrity of the software. It provides continual information around the product life cycle, streamlining impact analysis and patch management. It even creates a bridge between the customer and the software producer for the product’s security.


Founders: -Daniel Shir, Itamar Mula, Nevo Alva

Establishment year: – 2019

Funding: – US$7M

Investor/s: – Hetz Ventures, Crescendo Venture Partners, 10D, Jibe Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, is an engineering intelligence SaaS that allows development teams to increase efficiency by integrating data from tools like Slack, Jira, GitHub, etc., converting them into usable and measurable insights. Companies can use these insights to get the pain points during the development of a project. Their services are used by Leading Data-driven companies like Honeybook, Epsagon, Bizzabo,, Cloudshare and many more.

8). Stigg

Founders: -Dor Sasson

Establishment year: – 2021

Funding: – US$6.4M

Investor/s: – Srinivas Somayajula, Sam Lee, Unusual Ventures, Tal Lev-Ami, Nir Nahum, Scott Williamson, Guy Fighel, Ofer Smadari, Emerge Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, Stigg is a pricing and packaging management platform. With the increase in the digital or SaaS products sold online, there is a rising need to decide the price structure of the product. Different metrics come into play for SaaS products while selling and scaling them, making it essential to determine and have an optimum price for the product. Stigg’s pricing platform helps companies to help them provide different pricing plans for varied customer segments.

9). InfiniGrow

Founders: -Daniel Meler, Dor Lahav

Establishment year: – 2018

Funding: – US$6M

Investor/s: – Or Offer, Kipp Bodnar, Dave McDowell, Gil Hirsch, Eytan Stibbe, Adi Azaria

Based in Tel Aviv, InfiniGrow is a tool used by marketers to increase their marketing efforts making it more quantifiable and results-driven. You decide your plan to market your product and deploy your budget into the same. After several strategies and ways, you see no significant growth in revenue. Infinigrow helps companies find where they can get the maximum amount of revenue, resulting in a much more focused deployment of budget to market the product with a high ROI hitting the KPIs in future. Its service is used by Orca Security, Yotpo, Varicent, Bizzabo, Veritone and many more.

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10). Canonic Security

Founders: -Boris Gorin, Niv Steingarten

Establishment year: – 2020

Funding: – US$6M

Investor/s: – First Round Capital, Operator Partners, SV Angel, Elron Ventures

Based in Tel Aviv, Canonic Security is in the business of providing security solutions to SaaS companies. Business apps are increasing, making the API extensions and Add-ons more accessible. This convenience of integrating third-party apps in your system can leave you at risk that can be potentially harmful. Canonic security takes care of such risks associated with business apps to remove their suspiciousness. It provides the intelligence to find the threat of different apps and offers continuous control over risk management.

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