Louisville, The U.S-based renowned healthcare accelerator XLerateHealth chose eight healthcare startups for its flagship program. The company announced the names of selected startups on August 2, 2022. Under the 2022 Louisville Accelerator cohort, XLerateHealth will back the chosen startups.

On August 3, 2022, the company began its program. It will wrap up with a virtual Demo Day pitch to investors, healthcare ecosystem partners, and the startup community on October 20, 2022.

Startups selected for 2022 Louisville Accelerator Cohort 

Altan Tech, the Boston-based (U.S.) startup, deals in prediction, and prevention and also addresses clinician burnout and turnover. The company devised a customized clinician wellness risk management software driven by machine learning as well as labour economics to predict the requisite outcomes.

Bainom, the San Francisco-based (U.S.) healthcare company, offers solutions for individualized predisposition, prognosis, management, and furthermore therapy for various health conditions. The company provides personalized health and wellness insights by leveraging its machine learning-based platform. Its platform updates genetic data with up-to-date information from hundreds of scientific databases as well as thousands of scientific articles. 

Biosphere Lab, the Louisville-based (U.S.) firm, caters as a veterinary diagnostic laboratory. However, they mainly focus on rare and exotic animals. Besides, they offer anatomic pathology and molecular diagnostic services to veterinary clinics, zoos, aquariums, and other institutions.

Constance, a Connecticut-based company, is a surgical clinical decision support platform that helps to reduce preoperative surgical risk. Its state-of-the-art machine learning platform combines patient data from electronic health records. Further, it suggests actionable recommendations for pre-and post-operative risk stratification.

Ensofy, Georgia-based (U.S.), developed an AI-enabled screening and monitoring tool, VoiceAI. It deals with major depressive disorder (MDD). VoiceAI requires 30 seconds of free-form speech to assess depression. The demonstrated diagnostic accuracy rates so far up to 80%, supporting clinicians and caretakers for mental health management decision-making.

Kinometrix, a Virginia-based(U.S.) company, aims to eliminate hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) by revolutionizing how clinicians monitor and mitigate risk status, beginning with inpatient falls. It leverages rigorous, objective patient measurements, A.I. and electronic health data to prepare actionable fall risk reports. The reports, in turn, allow nursing staff to provide more than targeted prevention care. 

Lealtà, Atlanta-based (U.S.) SaaS healthcare startup focuses on driving patient loyalty in healthcare as well as hospital ecosystems. Lealta has a patient membership platform. It works by leveraging a neurobehavioral framework that drives patient loyalty and healthy choices for better care and financial outcomes.

VRTogether, a Lexington-based (U.S.) company, reduces social isolation as well as loneliness in senior citizens through an evidence-based virtual reality platform. Its technological solution offers a practical and scalable way to connect loved ones for shared experiences irrespective of distance, ability, or health.

What the co-founder has to say

Jackie Willmot, CEO and co-founder of XLH, said, “We have a strong and diverse cohort this year from across the U.S. and overseas. So far, six of the eight companies have clinicians and/or data scientists as founders, and their digital health solutions are solving real-world pain points for Health Systems and Payers.”

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