July 27, 2022, A USD 3 million seed fundraising round, headed by Gradient Ventures, has been completed for Shypyard, which offers business planning solutions and services to contemporary brands and direct-to-consumer merchants. Along with Liquid 2 Ventures and Position Ventures, renowned angel investors like current and former executives and founders of Shopify, BigCommerce, and SnapCommerce also participated in the round.

The money will go into expanding the development of new features and products, hiring top staff, and speeding up the onboarding of new consumers.

 Dan Li, co-founder of Shypyard:

“The pandemic and Great Resignation accelerated a historic burst in entrepreneurship and innovation in business, paving the way for millions of merchants to follow their dreams and launch cutting-edge, omni channel brands. We founded Shypyard intending to equip entrepreneurs with the resources they need to expand their companies.”

Sam Chuang, co-founder of Shypyard:

“Our business was created by and for merchants. Although global commerce has undergone a complete digital transition, it is still incredibly fragmented, making it difficult to seamlessly organize a complicated supply chain. To rectify that, we are here.

We are a firm created by and for merchants. Although the digital revolution in global trade has fundamentally altered how we purchase and sell, the market is still incredibly fragmented, making it challenging to build a smooth supply chain. To rectify that, we are here.

Many businesses frequently rely on complex spreadsheets and inaccurate, outdated data models to replenish their inventory and forecast demand, wasting time and money. This is especially true for businesses without large operations teams or access to highly customized enterprise software to help with these tasks.”

More about the startup:

Through improved business planning, Shypyard assists contemporary omnichannel firms in expanding, scaling, and coping with economic instability. By giving emerging retailers access to advanced analytics and intelligence that were previously only available to large enterprise organizations, the company’s suite of products and services helps decision-making and efficiency. 

This includes helping to accurately forecast and adjust demand, replenish stock, and more. Shypyard was established in 2020 and has offices in Taipei and New York City.

New brands and entrepreneurs must use fully integrated technologies like Shypyard for inventory, supply, demand, and replenishment planning when many face economic instability, some for the first time in their brand’s history.

Shypyard helps retailers address the most frequent and expensive pain problems – recurrent stock-outs, excess inventory tying up cash, trouble anticipating and forecasting, to mention a few – by offering accurate, integrated planning tools for inventory, supply, demand, and replenishment.

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