Singapore-based spin-off venture AquaEasy which operates under Bosch’s innovation hub Grow, announced a collaboration with Indonesia-based startup eFishery. The company reported the partnership on June 20, 2022. eFishery is a tech-based platform that operates in the aquaculture segment.

Purpose of AquaEasy and eFishery Partnership

The collaboration aims at digitalizing the shrimp industry in Indonesia with artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). The startups seek to increase productivity, profitability as well as sustainability in the shrimp farming sector. 

The latest alliance of eFishery and AquaEasy includes a Distribution Partner Agreement. It primarily involves the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution supported by water quality IoT sensors. The solution developed over five years is designed explicitly for vannamei shrimp farming in Indonesia.

What the Officials of AquaEasy have to say

“AquaEasy offers holistic technology that maintains water quality and manages aquaculture farms, especially shrimps. With complete integrated solutions such as Sensors, Software, and Services, AquaEasy enables farmers to maximize harvest with higher productivity, reduce failure risks and optimize feeding with higher profitability. AquaEasy, equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology gives comprehensive insights that help decision making,” said Ranggi Fajar Muharam, Business Development and Partnership Manager of AquaEasy.

What the Officials at eFishery have to say

“The collaboration with AquaEasy will boost eFishery’s commitment to helping fish and shrimp farmers in Indonesia through technological innovation. We hope that this collaboration can have a significant impact on the shrimp farming industry to drive increased production and profitability while minimizing the risks,” said Ade Kamayana, Vice President of eFishery Farm.

What the Bosch Managing Director has to add

Pirmin Riegger, Managing Director of Bosch in Indonesia, said, “Powered by integrated sensors and AI, AquaEasy’s technology not only is able to support significant yield increases, but it also helps to improve the sustainability of shrimp farming.”

About AquaEasy 

Brought into existence in 2021, AquaEasy operates under Bosch’s innovation hub, Grow. The platform offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)-solutions to shrimp farmers. Their solutions combine sensors, software, and services with advanced data analysis capabilities to increase productivity and predictability and implement sustainable aquaculture practices. Meanwhile, it reduces the risks and costs. Currently, it has operations in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

About eFishery

Based in Indonesia, eFishery has been in operation since 2013. The company is the first Aquaculture Intelligence company to develop innovations in aquaculture. The platform offers advanced solutions in the aquaculture ecosystem that disrupts the entire shrimp industry. It provides access to feed, funding and markets for fish and shrimp farmers. eFishery wants to tackle food problems via aquaculture. Further, it wants to take care of fundamental problems in the aquaculture industry by providing affordable technology solutions. Moreover, the startup aims to reduce social and economic inequality through an inclusive digital economy.

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