On June 21st, 2022, Delta-V Capital and Battery Ventures co-led the USD 25 million Series C round of LogRocket, a software frontend monitoring, and analytics service provider.

What the founder has to say:

Arbesfeld co-founder LogRocket:

“Because consumers are adopting digital channels more quickly than ever, most analytics solutions now include an overwhelming quantity of data that may be used to optimize experiences. Companies need more meaningful insights from their data, not more data itself. By uncovering and determining the core cause of the most significant issues in their software products, we founded LogRocket to assist front-end developers and product managers in creating better digital experiences.

Traditional digital analytics systems soon become prohibitively expensive for significant companies and business-to-business brands because teams must pay for each user experience recorded on their website. Many teams use sampling to reduce costs, but when crucial data is missing, this causes issues.”

What the investors have to say:

 Battery’s Max Schireson, the former CEO of MongoDB:

“As a former operator, I’m drawn to products that directly meet customers’ unique — and frequently highly technical — demands and requirements while also giving them platforms they want to use daily. Without sacrificing the breadth of its technology, LogRocket has designed its solution with an emphasis on unmatched user experience.”

More about LogRocket:

In 2016, Arbesfeld and Ben Edelstein co-founded LogRocket in response to what Arbesfeld calls a “seismic change” in how businesses approach app development. Companies had to differentiate based on experience — not just content — as the web app market became increasingly competitive. Frontend developers, designers, and product managers suddenly found themselves in high demand. However, there were very few tools for monitoring frontend components while several for monitoring app backends.

LogRocket allows programmers to reconstruct user-reported problems to determine how and why they might have happened. The platform’s session replay feature enables developers to roughly examine user interactions with an app as the user did. Additionally, LogRocket—accurate to its name—stores records of problems at the network and code level to draw attention to less glaring technical and UI flaws in programs.

With the aid of LogRocket’s technologies, developers can also examine how users interact with app flows and which actions may lead to increased conversion rates (e.g., higher purchase volumes in an e-commerce app). Customers may create bespoke funnels using a dashboard based on activities like page views, clicks, and checkouts. They can also use heat and scroll maps to guide app design choices.

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