Bangalore, India-based deeptech cybersecurity startup SubCom raised USD 1 million in seed funding. The round took place on June 8, 2022. YourNest Venture Capital, ISV Capital, and an existing investor, i.e. Entrepreneur First, led the funding for the startup. SubCom stands for Subconscious Compute.


Meanwhile, Bikky Khosla (Chairman of TradeIndia), Varun Alagh (Founder of MamaEarth), Harjot Gill (Founder of FluxNinja and Netsil), and some senior executives from Google, Netflix, and Visa participated in the funding.

What the founder of SubCom has to say

“End-users and endpoints are the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain today. Covid-19 increased the threat landscape for endpoints, and ransomware threats are growing exponentially. With SubCom, users can see the endpoint trust score, adopt recommended measures to harden security, and observe and mitigate threats such as ransomware and zero-day in real-time.” said Anter Virk, Co-founder & CEO, SubCom.

What the investor has to say

“While cybersecurity is essential to protect any operations in any business, cybersecurity assurance remains an elusive goal since it is not the core competency of most organizations. SubCom’s Habituation Neural Fabric is a game-changer, helping everyone tackle an Internet that remains weaponized by anonymous hackers with ephemeral footprints,” said Ranjeet Shetye, Partner, Yournest Venture Capital.

About SubCom

Anter Virk and Dilawar Singh brought into existence the cybersecurity startup SubCom in December 2020. The platform provides endpoint observability via ‘Habituation Neural Fabric.’ It is an AI-driven technology that allows users to observe and manage the Trust Score of their endpoints, such as laptops, mobile phones, and IoT devices, in real-time. 

Likewise, in biological intelligence, SubCom’s Habituation Neural Fabric learns to differentiate between actual threats and safe signals. It is adept at processing volumes of data on the endpoint itself. Besides, it picks up anomalies with unprecedented precision in real-time. The startup quickly analyses, classifies, and quantifies the detected irregularities into a simple, easily understood Trust Score for its users.

About YourNest Venture Capital

India-based YourNest is a SEBI-registered early-stage venture capital firm. The organization focuses specifically on Pre-Series A startups that work in the deep technology space. Besides, YourNest Capital invests in enterprise-led tech-driven (B2B) and SaaS-based startups. 


So far, over 150 entrepreneurs and professionals have participated in YourNest Angel Fund and YourNest India VC Fund II.

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