On May 23, 2022, Oppo India announced the launch of the second edition of its Oppo Elevate Program. In association with Microsoft, the Elevate Program aims to further strengthen the startup ecosystem in India. 

The theme for the Elevate Program will be ‘Virtuous Innovation.’ Oppo India will recruit the offers under ‘Accessible Technology’ and ‘Digital Health.’

The purpose of Oppo India’s Elevate Program

With the launch of the Elevate Program, Oppo India will build on its vision to drive innovation in the country. Through this program, Oppo India aims to accelerate the overall innovation culture in India.

Besides, it seeks to mentor startups who have the potential to bring the following significant technological change in the industry.

Meanwhile, the program will help the brand harness the power of innovation by extending a palatial platform for startups to collaborate. 

Oppo will offer professional advice, support, and opportunity to further leverage OPPO’s products, resources, and distribution channels to take off their innovation. 


Oppo also launched the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator program, aiming to bring innovative solutions and create a better future together. The program aims to encourage all technology innovators to solve some of the most pressing issues humanity faces in times of uncertainty.

How does the Oppo’s Elevate Program work-

Based on the theme “Accessible Technology” and “Digital Health”, Oppo will accept applications from the startups. An esteemed jury of experts, led by Tasleem Arif, VP and R&D Head, OPPO India, and Madhurima Agarwal, Country Head-India, Microsoft, will review the proposals. 


The chosen top ten startups will get a chance to present their proposals to the jury at an event in August 2022. 

Further, these ten startups will also get a chance to collaborate with OPPO for applicable technical discussion. Besides, they will receive access to R&D facilities (Labs, spaces, and Mobile devices) on mutually agreed terms and schedules. 

The India jury will select three startups who will enter the global Innovation Accelerator Program. In addition, up to ten proposals will be rewarded with grants of USD 46,000 each, further opportunities for investment opportunities, technical support, research and commercial partnerships, and promotion at global events.

All participants will receive an invite to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub as part of the deal. Moreover, eligible startups can be rewarded up to USD150K worth of Azure credits, mentoring and guidance from business and technical experts, as well as access to the world-class developer and productivity tools.

What the officials at Oppo India have to say-

Tasleem Arif, Vice President and R&D Head, OPPO India, said, “At OPPO, we believe in developing solutions which bring optimism and Inspiration against the challenges and uncertainties, aligned with our brand proposition of Inspiration Ahead. We have been leading virtuous innovation in the country through the years, and the elevate program opens doors for the new age innovators to contribute to the same. The OPPO Elevate program has seen momentous success since its inception. With the second edition, we aim to build the innovation in health and accessibility and highlight Indian innovation on a global platform.”

What Microsoft officials have to say

Madhurima Agarwal, Country Head – Microsoft for Startups, India, said, “Startups are reimagining both widening and deepening of tech impact through their innovations in accessibility and healthcare. The collaboration between OPPO India and Microsoft for Startups extends our commitment to boosting the innovation and entrepreneurial energy of startups in the country. Through this program, we hope to help startups truly scale the impact of digital innovation with the combined resources of both organizations.”

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