Auction-based advertising infrastructure startup Topsort raises US $8 million in seed funding. 

San Francisco – based startup Topsort  announced that it has raised US $8 million in seed funding on 10th March 2022.

Topsort, which was founded just over a year ago, raised seed funding from Pear Ventures, Quiet Capital, FJLabs, Micky Malka (Ribbit Capital), Lydia Jett (Softbank), Akhil Paul, Comma VC, and several individual investors. The company is valued at US $110 million after this first fundraising round.

Topsort will use this amount of funding to continue its rapid development, scale its product, and fulfill its purpose of empowering marketplaces by democratizing the formerly exclusive auction-based advertising technology that has driven profitability at some of Silicon Valley’s largest brands.

What the founder has to say:

Regina Ye, CEO of Topsort:

“I don’t believe advertisements should be a guessing game. This is a pretty clean method of doing advertising, and we fill the gap with math and machine learning rather than private data. What makes us unique is how simple it is, which is why advertising technology gets a terrible reputation.”

Ye claims that the firm has learned a lot from Babytuto and its dozens of other early customers, such as Yummy, Facily, Airlift, and Chiper, and that it now wants to scale its go-to-market strategy and speed growth.

About Topsort:

Topsort was founded at the beginning of 2021, right after CEO and co-founder Regina Ye left an exhausting stint as Product Lead at another covid startup Hopin. She’s a 24-year-old Gen Z entrepreneur who spent days and nights in college learning about Facebook and Amazon Ads, selling a beauty brand called Zirui. She’s joined at Topsort by two top minds with long tenures at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest technology brands. 

The company has created one single API that helps the world’s most exciting marketplaces and retailers scale native monetization via auction-based ad infrastructure. Topsort’s innovation is especially timely given that more and more marketplaces are affected by the shift towards user privacy and a not-so-distant post-cookie future. Additionally, auction-based listings are still not an option for smaller retailers and vendors – making it impossible for them to reap the same advertising benefits as bigger retailers. Topsort is taking this challenge head-on, trying to solve it with math and empathy. 

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