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Indian film-tech startup ABC Talkies raises USD 269 K in the latest funding round

India-based ABC Talkies, a marketplace where filmmakers can monetize their creations, raised USD 269K on 16th November.

Investors: An angel investor from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, led the fund-raising. The CMD of a 21-year-old IT company with over 500 employees is based out of Ahmedabad.

Purpose of funding: With the new capital, the company hopes to accelerate the growth of its brand. Briefly, spreading the word regarding the per-view model by the company to accelerate growth and spread better reach out.  As the company develops a mobile app, it will clarify its product development and expand its marketing efforts, resulting in a more significant user base. In turn, this will increase the number of filmmakers interested in monetizing their work through PPV and consequently improve the quality of content. Additionally, it will assist ABC Talkies in reaching out to brands for advertising and content sponsorships, bringing more value to consumers and all stakeholders as the platform is developed.

About ABC Talkies

Founded in 2021 by Shalibhadra Shah, Siddharth Sinha and Jaideep Abichandani, ABC Talkies is located In Gurugram, Haryana. ABC (All Bout Cinema) Talkies is the first cinema marketplace of its kind. The company provides a platform with diverse content using a pay-per-view model rather than a subscription model and monetizes filmmakers’ creations using such a platform.  Filmmakers can now upload and monetize their work on the first online marketplace specifically designed to showcase their work. ABC Talkies website provides a platform where independent, amateur and newly emerging filmmakers can showcase their work, monetize it, and assist them in marketing and promoting it across the Internet.  ABC Talkies also strives to develop talent in smaller towns and states with limited filmmaking opportunities. In addition to being the most prominent content channel for OTT players, ABC Talkies describes itself as the “World’s First Cinema Market.” Through its analytical and connected marketplace, it strives to transform the way people watch and make movies.

What the founders have to say

“We are in the process of our mobile app development and this round of funding could not come at a better time. ABC Talkies is at a critical juncture where scaling and sustaining operations is extremely important for survival. This funding will help ABC continue with its pursuits of becoming India’s first and only FILM-TECH platform while helping it scale-up,” said Shalibhadra Shah, CEO and Co-Founder at ABC Talkies.

“Taking into account the new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rules requiring authentication by users which kicked in last month for subscription based platforms there is an expected shift from SVOD to TVOD, thus this seems like an ideal time for us to ramp up our services and the funding is right on time,” said Siddharth Sinha, CCO and Co-Founder at ABC Talkies.

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