Ambi Robotics, US-based robotics and artificial intelligence startup formulating solutions that upgrade e-commerce functions while encouraging people to work smartly, has raised US$ 26 million in a Series A funding round led by Tiger Global Management on 14 September 2021.

Investors: The latest investment round featured Tiger Global Management as the lead investor with participation from Vertex Ventures, The House Fund and Bow Capital. The startup has managed to raise, in total, US$ 32.2 million to date.

Purpose of the funding: The startup seeks to deploy the proceeds from the investment round towards scaling its team and operations to assist in immediate deployments of AI-driven robotic systems across its entire logistics operations in the US. It also intends to expand its customer assistance and product offerings.

About Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics Logo

Brought to existence in 2018 by David Gealy, Jeff Mahler, Matthew Matl and Stephen McKinley, Ambi Robotics is a pioneer in simulation to reality artificial intelligence for highly deft robotic systems. The firm has structured two industrial solutions, AmbiKit and AmbiSort. It is presently scaling its fleet of AI-equipped robots throughout the US with globally renowned corporations such as Pitney Bowes. Fuelling its proficient and adroit robotics force with pioneering simulation to reality AI, the startup has built a next-generation AI operation system, called AmbiOS, which directs algorithms ten thousand times faster than its competition. It enables users to enhance AI-driven robotic systems quickly and achieve success in categorizing a large class of exceptional items from the first working day.

What the Founder has to say: “Ambi Robotics amalgamates state-of-the-art AI tech with interactive customer interfaces to revolutionize the character of item dealers to robot dealers. The infusion of new funds will allow us to encourage more corporations to aid their partners to work congruously close to robots.”- Jim Liefer, CEO at Ambi Robotics.

What the Investor has to say: “Ambi Robotics has taken a high jump and emerged as one of the leaders in the AI robotic piece-picking domain for parcel classification and e-commerce realization operations. The firm owes its prominence in the market to a robust team and tech, testified by a strong pipeline of user growth since the startup prioritizes on the fast-growing logistics and supply chain space.”- Griffin Schroeder, Partner at Tiger Global Management.

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