Intudo Ventures is an “Indonesia-only” venture capital firm based in Jakarta Raya with a dynamic and concentrated portfolio approach. It closed its third fund today, on September 8 2021, after raising a total of US$ 115 million in less than three months and oversubscribed Intudo Venture Fund III with the participation of nearly a dozen companies. 

Groups that partnered with Intudo Venture Fund III include Black Kite Investments, the family office of Singaporean businessman Koh Bon Hwee; Wasson Enterprises, the family office of former Walgreens Boots Alliance chief executive officer Greg Wasson; and PIDC, the investment arm of Taiwan-based retail conglomerate Uni-President Enterprises Corp. Other LPs include more than 30 Indonesian families and their conglomerates, over 20 leading global funds and managing partners, and more than ten founders of tech unicorns, from varied niches and industries, mainly agriculture, B2B and enterprise, education, finance and insurance, healthcare and logistics.

What the Founder has to say

Taking about the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in 2020, co-founder of Intudo Ventures, Patrick Yip, said: 

“The founder community has gone through a tough time this year and last year due to COVID. A lot of these founders needed to make course adjustments and corrections to their business plans. I think our role as an in-market, involved investor has been even more enhanced. A lot of the companies that have gone under, they did not have an in-country partner from the get-go.”

He continued, “I think our involved approach and having a concentrated portfolio is something that is appreciated by the founder community as well, so that’s something we intend to rinse and repeat going into Fund III.”

About Intudo Ventures

Co-founded by Eddy Chan and Patrick Yip in 2017, Intudo Ventures is an “Indonesia-only” independent venture capital firm with a robust portfolio approach. With the experiential background of operating companies, venture investing, business development/strategy, human resources/recruiting and capital raising/deal structuring, its teams work effectively to provide a unique value-add approach to such portfolio companies. 

The five-year-old venture firm delivers results on each of such matters, effectively acting as an interim Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Human Resources, and Chief Financial Officer until a company can hit the scale at Series B. For Limited Partners: The firm acts as the “Indonesia beachhead” strategy for dozens of leading institutions, VC/PE/hedge funds, corporations and family offices from the United States, Greater Chintyyyya, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe and supports the “digital transformation” strategy of dozens of leading Indonesian conglomerates. To know more, visit

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