02. September.2021 – Mumbai-based invest tech platform, dezerv. announced that it raised USD 7 Million in a seed funding round. The round was co-led by Matrix Partners India and Elevation Capital.

The participants of this round were Nath Ventures, Whiteboard capital and Blume Founders Fund. Although it was a seed round the amount that the startup has accumulated is significant.

dezerv. will utilise this capital raised to build a strong team of exponential talents, launch and scale its platform and evolve the investing experience of Indian working professionals. 

About dezerv.  –

dezrev. is an invest-tech platform founded by ex Wealth senior managing partners of IIFL – Vaibhav Porwal, Sahil Contractor, and Sandeep Jethwani. The startup intends to aid Indian amateur working professionals to invest like experts by offering them an integrated portfolio added with advice from experts in the field. 

dezerv.’s platform will help users to take measured risks to increase the return with the suitable portfolio merged with new access to asset classes, that is currently accessible to high worth individual classes, like emerging high growth startups and curated high yielding bonds. 

Words from the co-founders –

“We realised that a lot of successful working professionals don’t have the time or inclination or bandwidth to be able to allocate and create their own portfolios. So what we did was we said we will create two offerings on the digital platform. The first offering is what we call the integrated portfolio approach. Now the integrated portfolio approach combines our learnings from our experience plus the modern portfolio theory to create multi-asset multi-instrument portfolios, which are offered digitally online. And with these portfolios, the objective is to optimize and maximize return for the client while controlling for the downside that users might see as markets fluctuate over a period of time,” said Sandeep Jethwani, Co-founder, dezerv. 

“The second thing we said there was that there is a play that is an interest among users to invest in alternatives, into pre-IPO companies, into startups and high quality bonds, but there is not enough diligence or review happening on these before they are recommended. So, we said that we want to play that fiduciary role, where we will do diligence and review these kinds of opportunities and offer them to our clients,” he added.

As Vaibhav Porwal claims that, dezerv. Is different from other fintech platforms in the market as it doesn’t solely depend on historical data for showing the recommendations.

“When we designed our integrated portfolio, the first thing that we wanted to be sure of was   getting over-influenced by historical data. So, therefore, the overlay of expertise is extremely important in projecting future returns. In that sense, we are different from other platforms, which are working purely on the basis of historical data,” he said.

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