26.August.2021 – Palo Alto-based Workera.ai, an online platform, announced that it raised USD 16 Million in a Seed funding round. The round was led by New Enterprise Associates.

The round was participated by AI Fund and Owl Ventures and individual investors like Lake Dai, Mehran Sahami, Richard Socher and Pieter Abeel.  

Words from the investor – 

General Partner and Head of Asia at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Carmen Chang, said she is very excited to lead this round and intrigued by the concept of Workers. She added that the company is having a good knowledge of the employee skill set and with the customizable learning program, the company will expand.

“You can go out and hire anyone, but investing in the people that you have, educating and training them, will give you a look at the totality of your employees,” Chang said. “Workera is able to go in and test with AI and machine learning and map out the skill sets within a company so they will be able to know what they have, and that is valuable, especially in this environment.”

About Workera.ai  –

Workera.ai was initiated by Katanforoosh and James Lee (COO), in the year 2020. When the co-founder, James Lee met with Katanforoosh, he realised the startup would be able to tackle problems around content and some fundamentals of upskilling.

Workera.ai raised USD 15 million seed round in October 2020, after this funding round the total fund raised by the startup is USD 21 Million. This current round was driven by the startup’s go-to-market strategy and traction of consumers after having acquired more than 30 customers in 12 countries.

Kian Katanforoosh, Workera’s co-founder and CEO, says “not every team is structured or feels supported in their learning journey, so the company comes at the solution from several angles with an assessment on technical skills, where the employee wants to go in their career and what skills they need for that, and then Workera will connect those dots from where the employee is in their skillset to where they want to go. Its library has more than 3,000 micro-skills and personalized learning plans.”

“It is what we call precision upskilling,” he added. “The skills data then can go to the organization to determine who are the people that can work together best and have a complementary skill set.”

From the last few quarters, the startup has started working with the Fortune 500 companies, which includes companies like Siemens Energy. “We are seeing a need to measure skills,” he added. “The size of the engagements are a sign as is the interest for tech and non-tech teams to develop AI literacy, which is a more pressing need.” – Lee said. 

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