Multiple startups are operating on viable electric aircraft, and some are beginning to catch the attention of major airlines. One of those startups is Heart Aerospace.

United Air has invested US$ 35 million in a Swedish electric aviation startup, Heart Aerospace, in a series A funding round led by Bill Gates’ United’s venture arm, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and Mesa. Seed investors EQT Ventures and Lower Carbon Capital were also witnessed participating. 

Acquiring one of its most significant orders to date: United Airlines agrees to buy 200 electric planes as a part of this deal. As an outcome of the partnership, United Air will be equipped to reopen short regional air routes at a cheaper cost as the aircraft will be more affordable to manage, which is commonly problematic due to the lack of aircraft fuel.

United Airlines is very characteristic of how good battery technology has been estimated that short-range commercial flight is feasible for an aircraft using batteries that add enormous weight, a natural inhibitor in the “lift” that an aircraft needs. 

Company’s Profile

Although many contenders in the electric aircraft space, Heart Aerospace is somewhat ahead of the competition. 

Founded in 2018 by Anders Forslund, the company is developing the ES-19, a 19-seat aircraft proposed for short-haul flights (under 2,000 km). Short-haul flights reckon to account for 43% of C02 emissions from global air mobility, where electric aviation comes into play. It cuts emissions, making electric aircrafts sustainable and a cost-effective alternative to fly.

What the CEO has to say

CEO of Heart Aerospace, Anders Forslund, stated, “I can’t think of a more robust coalition of partners to advance our purpose to electrify short air travel.” He added, “There’s BEV – the world’s most prominent climate fund. There’s United – one of the world’s greatest airlines, which operates in decarbonising air mobility, and there’s Mesa, the largest executive of 19-seater aircraft. This stir of organisation of near-term financial viability and long-term environment investment philosophy is what we require to make industrial electric air travel a reality.”

What the Investors have to say

Michael Leskinen, United’s Vice President Corp Development & Investor Relations, as well as UAV’s President, said, “Breakthrough Energy Ventures is the chief voice of investors who are promoting clean-energy tech creation. We partake in their view that we have to mount companies with real potential to transform how industries work, and in our case, that means financing in companies like Heart Aerospace, which manifests in a viable electric airliner. We’re proud to associate with Mesa Air Group to bring electric aircraft to our clients.”

Heart’s lead seed investor EQT Ventures, who also participated in the round, commented, “As a purpose-driven venture provider, investing in startups like Heart is why we subsist. It’s hard not to be motivated by the massive ambition, the performance mindset, and the game-changer potential for the climate. We’re delighted to welcome powerful investors like United Airlines, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and Mesa Air Group to the investor club, representing all significant aspects for the ride ahead”, said Ted Persson, Partner at EQT Ventures.

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