Rocketlane, a US-based B2B SaaS startup, has raised US$ 3 million in a seed funding round co-led by Matrix Partners India and Nexus Venture Partners on 23 June 2021.

Investors: Apart from Matrix Partners India and Nexus Venture Partners, a pool of angel investors such as Krish Subramanian & Rajaraman Santhanam (Co-founders of Chargebee), Yamini Bhat (CEO of Vymo), Pradeep Rathinam (CCO of Freshworks), Shreesha Ramdas (CEO of Strikedeck) and others also participated in the investment round.

Purpose of the funding: The SaaS startup will deploy the funds to rent extra expertise and establish its product management team. The company seeks to employ personnel in various departments such as demand generation, sales and customer success, and engineering. It also intends to recruit individuals in the US in recent months.

About Rocketlane

Rocketlane Logo

Rocketlane was founded in April 2020 by Srikrishnan Ganesan, Vignesh Girishankar and Deepak Bala. The company aids in working together with customers on onboarding projects through a purpose-built amalgamated workspace. It assists enterprises in reducing their time-to-value, systematizes their software execution processes, and offer real-time updates while enhancing the customer experience. The firm envisages delivering a transparent, consistent, and high-end customer onboarding journey. The startup is currently a tribe of 25 exclusive leaders and practitioners who manage customer onboarding, implementations, and value delivery working remotely.

What the Founder has to say: “Sustaining the rapid growth of SaaS enterprises requires customer onboarding as a prerequisite. Superior venture capitalists now carefully observe the break between the Live ARR and Contracted ARR between their portfolios. Interaction with more than a hundred customer onboarding leaders underscored shortcomings ensuing from general project management and collaboration instruments. The customer responses have been a boon for us to structure Rocketlane, figure the targets for future, and launch Preflight – a Slack-based platform for customer assistance and onboarding professionals”- Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-founder and CEO of Rocketlane.

What the Investors have to say: “Rocketlane has built a remarkable experience for client onboarding, and global branding and their team has an in-depth SaaS expertise and common history.” Vikram Vaidyanathan, Managing Director of Matrix India. “Rocketlane’s products enable software and ITES companies to pace their time-to-revenue, systematically run their client delivery services with exclusive internal resource management on an amalgamated platform. Their services also enable corporations to increase customer contentment across each client delivery action item significantly.” Sameer Brij Verma, Managing Director of Nexus Ventures.

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