French logistics market has marked itself as resilient in this unpredictable time of the ongoing pandemic, especially in FY2020 it proved itself as a strong sector which is important to the economy. As the COVID pandemic has resulted in an uptrend in the e-commerce sector in France, the logistics companies have leveraged it. 

The companies have developed new strategies for supply chains, agility and flexibility in the sector, which leads to generating new requirements for operators, which is an opportunity for the Logistics companies.

In FY2021 the ecommerce and logistics sectors are booming as the demand for products all around the world is getting higher. The logistics sector has gained an outstanding momentum in this span of 2 years, with approximetly 3.6 million m² transacted throughout France. 

In the case of investment, 2020 was a bit tough in the first quarter for the logistics market in France, there was a drop of nearly 37% as expected while comparing to FY2019. Despite this, FY2020 was the second best year for it in France, because of the extensive needs of health care products. 

We have arranged the names of the Top 10 Logistics startups in France. The companies considered in the list were founded between 2012 and 2021, and are ranked on the basis of the total amount of funding the logistics company has gathered (Numerical Data is sourced from Crunchbase)

10. Comerso

Founders –  Pierre Yves Pasquier, Remi Gilbert

Founded – Oct 25, 2013

Location- Agen, Aquitaine, France

Total Funding –  €2.2M

Investors  – Impact Partenerias, Bpifrance, AQUITI Gestion

COmerso is one of the leading logistics operators in optimising the unsold goods for food to help raise charity. The main aim of the company is to fight the paradox of society that makes enough resources for the whole world to feed, but waste that food despite the fact that they can use it.

Comerso has a belief that the current tech innovation aids it to fight the waste by promoting connections and synergies between the businesses that are facing the problem of the ecosystem of recipients and unsold stocks.

09. Chronotruck

Founders –  David Botvinik, Matthieu Verrecchia, Rodolphe Allard

Founded – 2015

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding –  €3.5M

Investors  –  Seventure Partners, Bpifrance

Chronotruck , a provider of a smartphone application considered to provide vehicles which are geo-tagged for tracking of shipment in real-times. The application provided by the company enables customers to find carriers for free which are available in geographical local areas, which creates a marketplace that promotes the direct connection between the service providers and customers, to manage the transport cost and the management, in terms of increasing the profitability by receiving offers from the local locations.  

08. Shopopop 

Founders – Antoine Cheul, Johan Ricaut

Founded –  2015

Location- Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France

Total Funding – € 6 M

Investors  – Bpifrance, Go Capital, West Web Valley, Bamboo Capital Partners, 

Pays de la Loire Participations

Shopopop is an operator of a delivery platform designed to offer home deliveries. The company’s platform allows the links between the customers, wishing commodities to be delivered at home, enables the user to get groceries in an flexible, responsible and economical way.

07. Capcar

Founders – Louis Gabriel de Causans

Founded – 2015

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding –  € 7.4 M 

Investors  –  Breega, Idinvest Partners, Yannis Yahiaoui,  Eduardo Ronzano, 123 Investment Managers, Kima Ventures

CapCar is the first provider of an online platform that aims to make the process of purchase and sale of used cars between two entities easy. It makes the deal possible with no commission, taken by the professionals usually. It is a profitable thing for the sellers as they will get 20% more than the dealership will provide them for their car. The buyers get assurance of a quality check of 200 control points. It also delivers it at your doorstep with 5% less price than traditional professionals.


Founders – Clément Ouizille, Edouard Gouin

Founded – Sep 1, 2017

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding – € 10.9 Million

Investors  – Global Founder  Capital, Action Capital

Convelio is a provider of logistics services for artwork which aims to ship artworks securely. The company provides services which considers various parameters such as dimensions, fragility, value, booking and services for tracking, auction house, collectors, for easy shipment safe and transparently, and enabling galleries. 

05. Everoad

Founders – Maxime Legardez

Founded – 2016

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding –  € 17.4 Million

Investors  – Clement Benoit, Roger Crook, Tony Fadell, Larix, Romain Afflelou, Patrick Sayer, Oskar Hartmann

Everoad, now acquired by Sennders, is a digital platform to digitize the process of freight forwarding. The company’s platform provides instant visibility of live tracking, automated alerts, pricing, and customised reporting via an API integrated with the buyer’s system and transport service provider. This aids the carrier manager and drivers to take advantage of fleet management tools for reducing cost and increasing efficiency. 

Founders – Antoine Le Squeren, Paul Guillemin

Founded – 2015

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding –  € 34.2 Million

Investors  – Daphni, SGH Capital, Tekton Ventures, Elaia, Edenred Capital Partners, Breega, FJ Labs, The Family

FretLink is a marketplace based on SaaS that connects companies that want to send big piles of stuffs to the thousand of logistics companies, out in the market. It is a flow management solution for the shippers in the industry that brings the stakeholder visibility in the supply chain. 

03. Cubyn

Founders – Adrien Baca, Mathieu Lemaire

Founded – 2015

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding – € 63.5 Million

Investors  – Eurazeo, DN Capital, Fuse Ventures Capital, 360 Capital, First Bridge Capital, Bpi France

Cuban is a french logistics company that picks packaging from customers’ places, and ships it to any destination globally, with integration of multi-channels and desired quality of delivery, which enables the client to make delivery easy and good, while also saving time and money. 

02. Shippeo

Founders – Brice Hua, David Barre, Frederic Jouenne, Jean-Bastien Dussart, Jerome Burtin, Lucien Besse, Pierre Khoury, Thibaut Morlot

Founded – 2014

Location- Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Total Funding – € 70 Million

Investors  – NGP Capitals, BPI Partners, ETF Partners, Partech, Battery Ventures,

Shippeo is a developer of a platform for supply chain for multimodal and real-time transportation visibility. The platform provided by the company is API Integrated with a system for transportation management. It also provides Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), delivery tracking, and real-time location data.

01  Exotec Solution

Founders – Renaud Heitz, Romain Moulin

Founded – 2015

Location- Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Total Funding – € 111.2 Million

Investors  –  Breega, Iris Capital, 86 North, Dell Technologies Capital, 360 Capitals.

Exotec offers an innovative order preparation system, which streamlines the order’s packaging and delivery. The company provides a centralized intelligence system based on fleet collaborative mobile robots, that aids humans to transport and sort logistics in warehouses, which lets clients to reduce travel distance in the humongous warehouses and increase productivity.

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