Estate settlement platform ClearEstate

Canada-based ClearEstate, a digital-first estate settlement platform for North American executors that provides helpful and caring guidance by acting as a one-stop-shop for all estate-related services, raised 2.5 million Canadian Dollars in Seed funding on 16 June 2021. It also announced its launch into the US in partnership with California-based funeral home operator Anthem Partners.

Investors: Torstar Corporation, Triangle Capital Corporation, NAventures and Diagram Ventures.

Purpose of the funding: The funds raised will support ClearEstate in its product innovation and further expansion across the United States and Canada.

About ClearEstate

Founded in 2020, ClearEstate aims to change the way estates are settled. Settling an estate means lawyers, accountants, trust services, repetitive paperwork, time and money. ClearEstate has created a tech-enabled, end-to-end solution for estate settlements to disrupt the inefficient status quo and empower independent executors. It helps them by automating administrative tasks and reducing the unnecessary involvement of licensed professionals to save costs and educate executors and beneficiaries to create more transparency.

The startup says that traditionally, the estate settlement process can take over 400 hours or 12-18 months to complete and most executors are not equipped or prepared for the process. ClearEstate demystifies the responsibilities facing estate executors and guides them through the probate process as efficiently as possible. Moreover, ClearEstate is also dedicated to supporting grieving families by completely removing estate settlement from their concerns.

Services for Estate Executors:

·   Tailored executor roadmap

·   Automated form filling and activity log

·   Centralized Dashboard

·   Inventory of assets and liabilities

·   Cost estimates and inheritance calculator

·   Centralized communications

·   Clear distribution plan

What the CEO has to say: “ClearEstate’s streamlined, all-in-one, the tech-enabled solution was built with estate executors’ needs at the forefront during what is often a difficult personal period in their lives. Whether we work directly with executors and families themselves or through our funeral home partners, our platform offers systematic, tailored guidance to help individuals navigate the legal and procedural complexities of the estate settlement process with ease.” — Davide Pisanu, co-founder and CEO of ClearEstate.

What the investors have to say: “ClearEstate is well-timed to take the unknown out of being an executor in a digital-first world. The platform offers much-needed clarity and efficiency to executors while ensuring that traditional industry players have an opportunity to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.” — Andrew Clark, Chairman of ClearEstate and co-founder of Triangle Capital Corporation.

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