Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America and the biggest fintech market in the region. It has nearly 700 startups providing services in the country. In the first quarter of 2021, the Brazilian market has attracted an investment of more than USD 400 million. 

Brazil has become the fifth leading fintech market globally, with a high rate of surge in investment and revenue. Last year in 2020 the fintech market had shown obstinacy and gathered USD1.3 Billion in investments. In 2019 the Brazilian fintech market had managed to pull out an investment of USD 910 Million. This shows that the Brazilian market is booming with time. 

This article has arranged the Top 10 Fintech Startups Brasil, which have brought a massive uptrend in the market. The list is prepared in a reverted format, i.e. the 10th startup will be on top and vice-versa.

10. FinanZero – 

Founders: Joakim Pops, Kristian Jacobsson, Olle Widén

Founding Year: December 2015 

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 22.8 Million  

Investors: Atlant Fonder AB, Webrock Ventures, VEF, Dunross & Co,  Zentro Founders

Finzaro, is one of the leading online marketplaces for customers in Brazil. The startup is a private individual firm that acts as a broker for loans, credit institutions, negotiating for the loan application for customers with banks and searching for best interest and terms for the customers. FinanZero has partnered and connected with more than 50 lending partners on the platform, and back the customer from the start till the finish of the lending process.

09. EBANX – 

Founders: Alphonse Voigt, João Del Valle, Wagner Ruiz

Founding Year: February 2012

Headquarters: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 30 Million  

Investors: Endeavor Catalyst, FTV Capital.

EBANX is an international financial integrated service startup that provides end-to-end payments service across the flow of eCommerce transactions. It also aids international business to grow at a faster pace in Latin America offering a friendly payment experience for the customers.

In the year 2015, EBANX was awarded as EY Entrepreneur of the year, Endeavor “O Pulo do Gato” Award and BestInternational CNP Program Award.

08. A55

Founders:  Andre Wetter, Hugo Mathecowitsch

Founding Year: 2017

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 42 Million  

Investors: Accial Capital, Mouro Capital,  E3 Negócios, TM3 Capital, SaaSholic

A55 is a financial underwriting developer platform, which is used to provide a credit line system for revenue back to the companies whose revenue is recurring. The platform of the startup underwrites SMEs with an aid of a tech platform that connects escrow solution, payment means, bank account, billing, and credit intelligence and enable the debtor to get a dashboard for credit monitoring, an integrated cash flow management system, revenue and cost metric insights, and let the lenders have a real-time monitoring platform by transactional data.

07. Weel

Founders:  Henry Hazan, Russell Weiss, Shmuel Kalmus, Simcha Neumark

Founding Year: Feb 2, 2016

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 63.1 Million  

Investors: Banco Votorantim, Franklin Templeton Investments, Monashees, Mindset Ventures, FJ Labs

Weel is an IT startup that specializes in offering the element of growth for Brazilian small and medium businesses. It features an AI platform to finance SMEs through receivables prepayment. 

On 7 June 2021, a financial solution hub, BS2 has acquired Weel for an undisclosed amount.


Founders:  Benjamin Gleason, Thiago Alvarez

Founding Year: 2012

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 66 Million  

Investors: VEF,  Ribbit Capital, Kaszek, QED Investors, International Finance Corporation, Igah Ventures, Richmond Global Ventures.

Guiabolso, is the pioneer of transforming the Brazilian financial system by establishing Open Banking. It provides open access to analytics and data to millions of customers and corporations, which are growing at a very fast rate. 

The app provided by the startup has a plethora of granular data about finance of around 6 million users, it powers the consumer’s solutions of centralized financial management and in-app payment capabilities and curated products, while partner access to the product to unique capabilities of segmenting and scoring. 

Guiabolso is the only startup in Brazil that has optimized and calibrated an end-to-end Open Banking solution. It goes beyond the old-time account data collection and offers more additional values like personal financial management, analytics, and a marketplace.


Founders:  Alvaro Teijeiro, Gustavo Victorica, Rodrigo Teijeiro

Founding Year:  Feb 1, 2010

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 98.6 Million  

Investors: ATW Partners, Experian Ventures, LUN Partners Group, IDC Ventures, Fuel Venture Capital, TheVentureCity Fund

RecargaPay, is one of the leading fintech startups in Brazil, that provides an unmatched payment experience for essential and frequent payments. The startup is on a mission to democratize financial services and mobile payments. It is developing a mobile money ecosystem where every unbanked and banked individual interacts, and provides businesses and consumers with a one-stop-shop for every financial need.

RecargaPay is evolving how consumers pay by offering the most convenient way to go cashless. 

04. NEON

Founders:  Pedro Conrade

Founding Year:  2016

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 420.3 Million  

Investors: Propel Ventures, Monashees, Quona, Yellow Ventures,  Omydiar Network and Tera Capital

Neon is a Brazilian fintech company, whose mission is to unite design and technology to simplify and re-design customers’ financial experience. It has over 250 employees, with the main product being a digital account for financial management and transactions. It has partnered with Banco Votorantim for the settlement and custody of its accounts.


Founders:  Sergio Furio

Founding Year:  Apr 16, 2012

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 564 Million  

Investors: Headline, SoftBank Vision Fund, Kaszek, SoftBank Latin America Ventures, VEF, Amadeus Capital Ventures, LightRock, Mouro, Endeavour Catalyst, Quona Capital

Creditas is a digital platform that offers secured consumer loans. It offers loans at a lower interest rate than other lenders in the country. It is Brazil’s largest fintech for a secured loan for consumers and is expanding internationally on a high scale. It uses credit scoring systems and assets of borrowers, i.e. automobiles and homes and offers loan’s collateral.


Founders:  part of Universal Online

Founding Year:  Sep 5, 2006

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 2.3 Billion (at IPO)  

Investors: n/A

PagSeguro is an NYSE listed startup that provides mobile and online payments solutions for businesses. It is a part of UOL Group, one of Brazil’s biggest portals on the Internet with more than 50 million visitors and 6.7 billion views per month.

PagSeguro provides billing options through email for SME businesses and micro-merchants across the globe. It provides customers 25 payment options. It intermediates payments between sellers and buyers by providing payment for the purchase in an alternative form. Till now it has more than 13 million registered users, globally.

01. Nu Bank

Founders:  Adam Edward Wible, Cristina Junqueira, David Velez

Founding Year:  May 6, 2013

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Total Funding Received: USD 2.3 Billion

Investors: Sand Capital, MSA Capital, Kaszek, Sequoia Capital, GIC, Tencent, Invesco,  Dragoneer Investment Group, Berkshire Hathaway

Largest and most valued Unicorn in the fintech industry of Latin America, Nubank provides digital banking services to its customers. It offers the customer a NuConta, a digital account along with a primary offering of product: an international credit card that can be controlled through an app. 

Customers can raise their credit card limit, block it, and check transactions in real-time. Nubank is the sixth-largest company to provide a credit card in Brazil. It has accumulated more than 20 million customers globally, and values at nearly USD 10 Billion.

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