California-based Slintel, a business intelligence and automation company announced that it raised USD 20 Million in a  Series A round. This funding round was led by GGV Capital, also based in California.

This round also saw the participation of some big-name investors Accel, Sequoia and Stellaris. This investment made the company’s total valuation at USD 24.2 Million after the seed fundraised in November 2020. 

The CEO said that there was a little runaway left from the last seed round, that having a Series A was prudent. “So we had enough cash in the bank, but investors came to us and we got a pretty good valuation compared to the previous round, so we decided to take it and use that money to go faster.” – he added.

About Slintel – 

Slintel was founded and established in 2016, by Deepak Anchala, Rahul Bhattacharya, and Ranjana TN.  The company has its headquarters in California, United States.

It captures the intent of technographic-powered buying and aids companies to grab that 3% of active buyers in their specific market sectors. Slintel evaluates over 100 billion data points and analyzes factors such as technology adoption pattern, buyer’s journey, and other digital footprints to sales intelligence and delivery market.

The company’s customers have access to the contact information and buying patterns of more than 17 million companies and 70 million decision-makers across the world.

“So what Slintel does as a product is we mine buyer insights. We understand where the buyers are in their journey, their pain points, what products they use, what they need, and when they need it. So we understand all of this to create a 360-degree view of the buyer that you provide these insights to sales and marketing teams to help them sell better,” he said.

After growing on a rapid scale in 2020, Slintel expected more high phased growth of 3x this year, but with this raised amount, the CEO expects to grow at a higher rate.  “With the funding, we’re actually looking at much bigger numbers. We’re looking at 5x in our revenue this year, and also trying for 4x revenue next year.”

Deepak says that the amount gives the company an opportunity to improve the product and more market investment. “We have increased his advertising budget and also hope to attract customers via SEO, free tools on the company website and events.”

Slintel, had 45 employees in 2020, during the seed round in November and now, it has increased the number to 100 across 10 cities. It expects to double the number till next year, with some employees from India and the US.

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