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US-based Poised, a personalized digital communications coach announced on 9 June 2021 that it has raised US$ 4.5 million in seed funding.

Investors: The funding round was led by Wing Venture Capital with participation from Jeff Weiner’s Next Play Ventures, Slack Fund, Hyphen Capital, and Concrete Rose Capital. Other investors include Andre Iguodala, Brianne Kimmel, Julia Lipton, Adam Grant and Jack Chou.

Purpose of funding: The funds raised will be utilized by the company to continue to build its product, team and educational content and launch its app to everyone to bring world-class communication coaching to millions of people.

About Poised


Founded in 2020 by Charles Hua, Vicky Sehrawat and Soumya Mohan, Poised helps professionals become better communicators in online meetings and improve their spoken communication in general. The app is currently in private beta with thousands of people on the waiting list.

Poised is also the first digital-coaching product to provide actionable, real-time feedback during online meetings. It integrates with Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. It sits in the background and records the speech of the person who is using it. After the meeting, it delivers real-time feedback on various aspects of the user’s communication such as confidence, clarity, energy, and empathy. It analyses enunciation, pace and interruptions, then provides suggestions for skill development. Poised works by using game thinking and social science techniques to make improving speech fun.

What the CEO has to say: “Communication is arguably the most important life skill and essential for career mobility. Year after year, it’s one of the top skills in job listings on LinkedIn. The shift to hybrid and remote work has professionals logging exponential hours on audio/visual platforms daily, and that has made the need for strong speaking skills even more important. Poised will make it easier for people to improve this skill and help democratize the language of career mobility for millions of professionals.” — Charles Hua, co-founder and CEO of Poised.

What the investors have to say: “Poised is a novel solution that uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to address a huge opportunity in the professional skills training space. The team is truly world-class with experience in building AI-powered voice products that scale with product-led growth. We were impressed with what Poised has built in just seven months and are excited to help the company scale.” — Zach DeWitt, partner at Wing Venture Capital.

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