London-based FIXR

London-based FIXR, a digital events and ticketing platform raised € 6.5M in Series A fundraising on 5 May 2021.

Investors: The startup raised funding from investors including FSE Group, Armajaro Holdings, Smith & Williamson and Carlisle Commerce Group LLC. FIXR has also partnered with one of the UK’s largest nightclub operators REKOM UK to welcome back nightlife from Monday 21 June.

About FIXR


Founded in 2013 by Dom Marmont, Edmund Glover, Hugh Hudleston and Nick Stone, FIXR is a global platform that allows customers to buy tickets, discover and explore events. The platform is available on web or via mobile app. It scales from basic registration and ticketing, to a fully integrated event management platform that allows event organisers of all kinds to publish events and sell tickets. Its features like rapid scan and ticket transfer allow event goers to access event information and buy tickets using just their phone.

FIXR’s partnership with REKOM UK means that it will now support REKOM with a ready-to-go white label advance ticketing service. REKOM UK event attendees will be able to purchase their tickets, either through REKOM UK websites, for which FIXR has developed a proprietary software integration, or FIXR’s website and app.

REKOM UK venues are famous across the country. While planning their reopening after months of lockdown, they were looking for a technology platform that would meet their requirements as an operator with a network of staff and associates, multiple venues, and millions of ticket buyers.

Statement by CEO of FIXR: “We are extremely pleased that REKOM UK has decided to partner with FIXR as we further increase our presence in the UK hospitality market. We believe that FIXR’s dynamic and flexible technology is well placed to displace the incumbent events platforms and enable both professional and occasional event organisers to manage their events as the UK gets ready for a summer like no other. The pandemic has ushered in a cashless and digitally-focused environment and that means venues, promoters and other event organisers may miss out if they don’t meet their customer demands. Whether you are a world-class music venue or looking to set-up a charity fundraiser across the UK, Europe or the US, FIXR is designed to make your event more successful.”Edmund Glover, CEO of FIXR.

Statement by REKOM UK spokesperson: “As a group we realised the benefits of developing our digital marketing strategy. We realised there was an opportunity to grow our database and promotional presence in the online market across our venues by developing our ticket selling platform. We looked at various systems on the market and felt that FIXR was the best fit for our business. The platform offers some key operational functions that benefitted both the consumer and venue management allowing a quick and easy customer journey when purchasing alongside a platform that allows the manager to be in complete control of their online offering 24/7.”

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