Open Call 360° Sustainability Challenge

As the BMW Group is on a mission to increase sustainability, it invites startups worldwide to participate in the Open Call 360° Sustainability Challenge. The company had launched the BMW Startup Garage back in 2015 and is now taking the next step with the Open Call.

BMW is looking forward to collaborating with young startups to promote the use of sustainable and innovative technologies to fight climate change.

Open 360 challenge

About the Challenge

The Challenge has defined seven innovation areas wherein startups can bring their products and solutions:

·   Recyclable Materials

·   Sustainable Supply Chain

·   Energy-efficient Production

·   Mobile Intelligence

·   Intelligent Building Management

·   Customer-centric Mobility

·   Sustainable Technologies.

There is also a “wild card” option for any area that does not fit into the above categories.

The BMW Startup Garage will evaluate all the submitted innovations. The selected startups will get a chance to pitch their solutions in late July, with the chance to win the BMW Group as a client. The final winners will be recognised at the IAA Mobility in Munich in September. The decisive factor that will determine which startups move forward is how their solution contributes to sustainability at the BMW Group in the defined innovation areas.

What do the winning startups get?

·   Access to the BMW Startup Garage’s venture client programme.

·   Assistance with refining their business plan

·   Valuable insights into automotive processes

·   Opportunity to build a network within the company

·   Suppliers and long-term partnership for the BMW Group

A one-hour virtual event will be held from 4-5 p.m. on 11 May where candidates can learn more about the programme and the seven areas. The registration for the Challenge is open on the BMW Startup Garage website. The deadline for the same is 28 June 2021.

The BMW Startup Garage shares ideas with more than 1,000 startups in about 30 countries every year. The company early access to top-notch innovations that can be customised before they are ready to market. Since the launch of Startup Garage, more than 100 young technology companies with an investment volume of over US$ 2.8 billion have gone through the programme.

“We are looking forward to receiving applications from business founders around the world. We have believed for a long time that startups have a key role to play in helping us shape individual, connected and sustainable mobility.” — Bernhard Schambeck, head of BMW Startup Garage.

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