Polish startup Picup

Poland-based sustainable packaging startup Picup has launched Europe’s first-ever biodegradable ecological and plantable cups that can grow a tree after it has been used. The startup has patented its technology as well.

The Product

A filter is attached at the bottom of each paper-based cup that contains tea leaves. Under that heat-resistant seeds are buried that germinate and grow once the beverage has been consumed. The leftover grounds or leaves act as a natural fertiliser for the plant. The product was rolled out in February 2021. Picup is now planning to launch in several markets across Europe. 


The startup’s packaging solutions are 100% sustainable as it actively repurposes the cup into an eco-friendly planter. In the case of other paper-based cups, they often contain oil-based linings, making the product difficult to recycle. This doesn’t contribute much to combat the growing amount of waste produced by single-use packaging.

Picup for Businesses

Picup aims to partner with companies that want to provide their employees with hot drinks during work. It is aiming at companies with offices, warehouses or even production halls, who want to offer their employees with a high-quality hot drink that positively affects their mental and physical well-being. What makes Picup unique is that one cup can be brewed several times, reducing the costs of providing hot drinks in the company and also the risk of contracting any virus from other employees. The companies can also customize the cups with their own brand logos.

People may not carry reusable cups with them all the time. Therefore, Picup provides an instant and practical solution that leaves behind a lighter footprint on the planet. Picup can also work with businesses to develop plantable cups of instant juices and shakes, which can also turn into a plant in its afterlife. 

Picup currently offers 7 flavours – Earl Gray black tea, Classic green tea, Green tea lemon, Green tea with ginger and lemon, Box duo miz tea, Box green jasmine tea and Box green tea with mint.

“We are making efforts to make these products available in the major food chains and coffee stores, and on major online platforms. Our team has done an excellent job to create a unique design that is practical and we are in the process of coming up with more packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable,” — Marcin Grzymislawski, Founder of Picup.

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