Disco secures US $ 5 million

Disco, a Texas (United States) based startup, announced on 9th April 2021 that it has raised US $ 5 million in its seed funding round. The round was led by Midnight Venture Partners along with angel investors Paul Hedrik, founder and CEO of Tecovas, and Bryan Mahoney, co-founder and CEO of Chord.

Investors: Midnight Venture Partners is a Texas based investment firm that was founded by Alex Bodney, Chris Aydam and Ryan Springer. It was founded primarily to invest and support early-stage Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Apart from providing early investment it, with the help of its industry experts and capital partners, also provides sales, marketing and operational support to quickly accelerate value creation.

“I’ve known Disco founder Benjamin Smith for a few years now, and have gotten to witness first hand his resiliency and adaptability. This is a category we really believe in, with momentum and a vision at Disco that make it a great fit for Midnight. We believe male consumers are getting serious about taking care of their skin, and Disco is the best-positioned brand to help these men.”—Ryan Springer, co-founder and partner at  Midnight Venture Partners.

Purpose of investments: The current round of funding would be utilised by Disco to further scale its business, hire more members to its core team and expand its product offerings.

About Disco:

Disco was founded in 2019 by Benjamin Smith as a personal care brand that offers skincare products for men. It produces science-backed skincare products for men manufactured in partnership with world-renowned dermatologist Dr Eva O’Brien.

As a person, despite having a good knowledge of proper skincare, Benjamin Smith found it difficult to obtain skin-care products that suited his needs. Moreover, he was disappointed with the lack of ingredients transparency and ethical practices followed by existing brands. That is why he came up with Disco.

Coming to growth, Disco claims to have experienced month over month triple-digit growth in revenues 

since the summer of 2020. Further, according to estimates, the men’s personal care market is expected to garner US $ 166 billion by 2022.

What the founder has to say:

“We started Disco with a mission to empower men by introducing them to clean, powerful skincare products free of hyper-masculine branding and toxic ingredients. We love working in the men’s skincare space because it’s still so early-stage. This is only the beginning and we’re excited to put this new funding to work to educate men on the importance of taking care of their skin”— Benjamin Smith, founder of Disco.

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