Realworld secures US $ 3.4 million

Realworld, a New York based startup, announced on 9th April 2021 that it has raised US $ 3.4 million in its seed funding round. The round was led by Fitz Gate Ventures along with participation from Techstars, Knightgate Ventures, Human Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Underdog Labs and more.

Investors: Fitz Gate Ventures is a Houston, United States, based venture capital firm that was founded in the year 2016 by Jim Cohen and Mark Poag. It is an early-stage investment firm that invests with a focus on the Princeton University ecosystem. Currently, it manages two venture capital funds with around US $ 25 million in assets under management. Its portfolio includes companies such as Nomadgo, Newsguard, Smartasset, Paravel and more.

Realworld’s aim is to simplify adulthood. Whether it is navigating through housing, health insurance, salary negotiation or budgeting Realworld has it all covered. With the current round of seed funding, it will seek to make its idea a reality. Further, it plans on launching its first mobile app next month. 


About Realworld:

Realworld was founded in the year 2017 by Genevieve Ryan Bellaire with its headquarters in New York, United States. 

Realworld was founded because its team genuinely felt the need for support and guidance during their transition into adulthood. Further, it carried out research interviewing thousands of college graduates, twenty-somethings, employers and academics to get their views and make sure it was a genuine problem for many people.

Initially launched for a charge, its adulthood simplifying playbooks and resources are now available for free. Instead, it chose to charge a subscription fee for add on features. 

Realworld believes proper guidance can help teenagers and college graduates to live a better tomorrow. And it seems like investors are on board with the idea, with as many as 11 investment firms showing their support in the current round.

What the CEO has to say:

“There’s tons of information out there that can notify you to fill out this kind to signal up for a credit score card, but you do not know what you really don’t know. There’s not a person spot that defines adulthood.”—Genevieve Ryan Bellaire, founder and CEO of Realworld.

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