Anima secures US $ 2.5 millio

Anima, a London based startup, announced on 2nd April 2021 that it has raised US $ 2.5 million in its seed funding round. The round was led by Hummingbird Ventures along with participation from Animo Collective.

Investors: Hummingbird Ventures is a Belgium based venture capital fund that was founded in the year 2000 by Barend Van den Brande. It is predominantly an early-stage investor that invests in high growth tech companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs. Over the years it has made more than 60 investments and around 9 successful exits. Its portfolio includes companies such as Showpad, Deliveroo, Kraken, KhataBook, Automata and more. 

Purpose of investments:

The current round of investment along with the pre-seed round that was held a few days ago in March 2021, brings the total funds raised by Anima to around US $ 2.6 million. The funds of the current round would be utilised by Anima to add more members to its team, expand its reach and cover more clinics (around 70) by the end of the year.

Logo of Anima

About Anima:

Anima was founded by Rachel Mumford and Shun Pang as a tech-enabled provider of healthcare triage.

The initial idea to come up with Anima came when both the founders experienced situations where earlier screening and patient diagnosis could have helped patients outcomes. 

Anima works by coordinating between patients and clinics. It helps clinics manage and speed up their workflows and patients by helping them obtain timely care as per requirements.

Here’s how it works-

Firstly Anima acquires information from the patients by asking them relevant questions based on their problems. Then it summarises all such patient information and provides it to the clinics on a simple dashboard with scores on risk levels, symptoms and key negatives. 

With all patient information at a single location and instant updates regarding any new developments in patients, Anima enables clinics to take the right action, whether it’s advising patients for a quick prescription, an urgent appointment or a simple self-care treatment.

What the CEO has to say:

“Imagine the difference. If you had liver cancer, you would have to wait weeks before they said you have a serious problem. If you came through Anima, it would have caught the red flags and booked an appointment.”—Shun Pang, co-founder and CEO of Anima, explaining how Anima streamlines processes.

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