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Gibraltar based start-up Vega raises USD 5 million

Derivative sector

Gibraltar based start-up Vega Protocol has secured USD 5 million funds on 18th of March, 2021 in the seed round led by Arrington Capital. 

Investors: The acquisition of USD 5 million took place in the seed funding round led by Arrington Capital and Cumberland DRW with the involvement from investors like Signum Capital, Coinbase Ventures, ParaFi Capital. CMT Digital and CMS Holdings. 

What the funding is for: The fresh funding would be utilized for expanding the reach of the organization all over the world. According to sources the company is also aiming to develop their user client interface. 

About the company: Vega is a privately held organization which operates under the blockchain, financial exchange, trading platform and FinTech They have a work strength of around 11-50 employees and their headquarters is established in Gibraltar. They also deal with various specialties like De-fi stack, decentralization and decentralized finance and derivative training.

What the CEO has to say: “The multi trillion-dollar derivatives market has been a missing place in the core De-fi stack. Leveraging a proof of state protocol integrated liquidity incentives and permissionless market creation, Vega is bringing a novel and a first principle approach to decentralized derivatives. Vega disrupts the incentives traditionally controlling market creation, settlement and collateral management and pricing in the derivatives market. For now, the company’s wallet software is required to access the test net is free and open-sourced meaning that anyone can download to create a wallet and use the test net. Vega has so far given out around 500 IDs for its hosted wallet”. 

“The company expects to see the first visitors launch a mega network that plugs into the Ethereum mainnet for the first-time allowing trading of real crypto assets. There have been IDs created but the company has not been able to track just how many. This firm is both a Defi investor and user and as such has been monitoring the evolution of new blockchain based financial primitives. For now, Vega is still under development the start-up launched its test net in the second quarter of 2020 and has had a number of iterations since”. – Barney Mannerings, CEO of the company. 

What the investors have to say: 

Leveraging a proof of stake protocol, integrated liquidity incentives, and permissionless market creation, Vega is bringing a novel and first principles approach to decentralized derivatives. Vega disrupts the intermediaries traditionally controlling market creation, settlement, collateral management, and pricing in the derivatives market.” – Anjan Vinod, Investment Analyst at ParaFi Capital.

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