alcohol recovery startup Reframe

Reframe, a US-based alcoholic recovery startup, raised US$ 1.4 million in its seed round on 8 March 2021, to build out its product features. 

Investors: The seed round was led by Atlanta Ventures, a firm founded by local entrepreneur David Cummings. Other participants included entrepreneurs Kaneva CEO Chris Klaus, SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter and MaxBounty Chief Financial Officer Dave Harrington.  

Purpose of the funding: Reframe is aiming to reach 100,000 users by the end of the year and expand its two-person team to 10, by hiring mostly engineers and designers. 

About Reframe

alcohol recovery startup Reframe
alcohol recovery startup Reframe

Founded by Vendant Pradeep and Ziyi Gao, Georgia Tech graduates and Inno under 25 honourees, Reframe is an app that offers content that includes interactive activities, recovery stories, affirmations and education tools to help people come out of alcoholism. The app has about 3,000 users. 

The co-founders developed the app after interacting with and taking lessons from Emory University and Johns Hopkins University medical experts and Georgia Tech professors who spoke with more than 500 people at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. According to the startup, “Reframe is the culmination of years of suffering, recovery, research and technology”. 

Reframe charges its users less than US$ 10 per month. The startup claims that using the app is a fraction of the amount spent on recovery centres, which makes it accessible to more people battling alcoholism.

Features of the App:

1. Evidence-based Sobriety Program

·       Personalized Program

·       CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) based modules

·       Structured Daily Guide

·       Interactive Exercises

2. Sobriety Toolkit

·       Research-backed

·       40+ tools to select from

·       Reflect, Relax, Distract and More

·       Craving Management

3. Progress Tracking and Rewards

·       Gamification

·       Sobriety Tracking

·       Goal and Money Tracking

·       Shareable Badges

The startup claims to have achieved a 71% overall reduction in alcohol-use in the users, 74% 30-day user retention rate and a 42% overall increase in reported self-efficacy in users.

What the founders have to say: “We want it to be such an experience that people are looking forward to it. As much as it is a medical problem, it’s also a social problem. We want to make it so acceptable that it’s trendy. Ideally, we want people who are passionate about this space and want to help others quit drinking or cut back.” — Vedant Pradeep, co-founder and president of Reframe.

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