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San Francisco based start-up Airbyte raises USD 5.2 Million

California, US-based start-up Airbyte has secured 5.2 million funds on the 2nd of March, 2021, in a seed round led by Accel. 

Investors: The acquisition of USD 5.2 million took place in the seed funding round led by Accel, along with other investors like Y Combinator, 8VC, LiveRamp, Safegraph CEO Auren Hoffman, Datavant CEO Travis May and Allain Rossmann, the President of Machinify.

What the funding is for: The fresh funding would be utilized for doubling the team from about 12 people to 25 people till the end of the year, and the company is also focusing on establishing its user base.

Founders of the company: Michel Tricot and John Lafleur

About the company: Airbyte is a privately held open-source data integration organization that syncs data from applications, APIs and databases to data warehouses. The company also operates under the information technology and services industry. Its headquarters is established in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US, and has a work strength of around 2-10 employees. 

What the CEO has to say:

“A lot of companies start out by building their own data connectors, and that tends to work alright at first. But the real complexity is in maintaining them. You have zero control on how they behave, so either way they are going to fail or they are going to change something. The cost of data integration is in the maintenance.”

 “Our mission with Airbyte is to really become the standard to replicate data, to do that we will open source every feature which addresses the need of the individual contributor so all the connectors. Airbyte will exclusively focus on its open-source tools until it raises another round likely next year. To monetize its service Airbyte plans to use an open-source model. Currently, about 600 companies use Airbyte’s connectors, up from 250 just a month ago.” — John Lafleur, Co-founder of Airbyte

“Even for a company which specializes in building these connectors, the complexity will quickly outpace its ability to keep up, so the team decided on building Airbute as an open-source company. The team also argues that there will be companies like Fivetran, which focuses on data integration; a lot of customers end up with these cases that are not supported by Airbyte’s closed source competitors and that they had to build themselves from the ground up”.

“Today Airbyte is geared towards data engineering without specific industry focus of its early incarnation, but it offers both a graphical UI for building connectors as well as APIs for developers to hook into. At that point, we decided to go into deeper data integration, and that is how we started the Airbyte project and product as we know it today.” — Michel Tricot, Co-founder of Airbyte

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