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India-based Edtech startup WizKlub raises US$ 824K in Pre-Series A round

Edtech startup WizKlub

India-based edtech startup WizKlub, that uses a unique method to develop and nurture Higher Order Thinking Skills in children raised US$ 824K in its Pre-Series A round on 16 February 2021.

Investors: WizKlub raised funds from Incubate Fund India. The total funds raised by the startup to date stands at US$ 2M.

Purpose of the funding: The funds will be utilized by the startup to accelerate its growth and run rate.

About WizKlub


Founded in 2018 by Amit Bansal, WizKlub develops skills in children aged 5-15 years through its smart tech programs with an aim to make them future-ready in this rapidly changing world. Its Higher Order Thinking Skills training helps students to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, interpret and solve problems at complex levels. They engage in higher-order thinking, process information at deep levels to make critical interpretations and draw relevant and insightful conclusions.

WizKlub believes that HOTS helps the students to be advanced and show much better performance on even difficult level of tests. They are prepared to function as outstanding professionals in a fast-paced workplace where the emphasis is on using information rather than just knowing facts. WizKlub has certified trainers that impart high-level skills through an AI-powered tech platform, delivering a personalized learning path for each and every child.

The WizKlub SmartTech Program is made for children 6 years and above. It aims to inculcate lifelong skills and confidence in them to create tech products by learning and applying coding, robotics and AI. WizKlub has more than 300 centres in Bangalore itself.

What the CEO has to say: “The current classroom practices are designed around “knowledge dissemination” and not around building skills necessary for success in the coming decade. The most important future-ready skills are higher order thinking skills such as logical, creative and analytical thinking as well as the ability of an individual to use technology to solve real-world problems. WizKlub programs are designed to build these future-ready skills and bring out the best in every child,” said Amit Bansal, founder & CEO, WizKlub.What the Investors have to say: “The need for developing skills beyond the basic school curriculum and interest in parents to partake in such programs has increased manifold during the recent years. We believe in WizKlub’s vision to provide excellent quality and easy access to cognitive and technology learning programs for students and that they have the potential to scale rapidly,” said Nao Murakami from Incubate Fund India.

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