Home Funding Gaming advertising startup Anzu.io closes US$ 9 million Series A funding round

Gaming advertising startup Anzu.io closes US$ 9 million Series A funding round

Gaming advertising startup Anzu.io closes US$ 9 million Series A funding round
Gaming advertising startup Anzu.io closes US$ 9 million Series A funding round

Anzu.io, an Israeli based game advertising platform closed its US$ 9 million Series A round on 2nd February 2021. The round brings the total funding of the start up to US$ 17 billion since its inception in 2017. 

The recent funding round was co-led by the early stage sports and gaming focused venture capital BITKRAFT Ventures and HBSE Ventures. It also included participation from existing investors WPP, the new investors Sony Innovation Fund, Alumni Ventures Group, Gaingels and the baseball team The Chicago Cubs. A few angel investors also contributed in the recent round including, the co-founder of Riot Games, Marc Merrill; the League Of Legends maker Dylan Collins and the CEO and co-founder of SuperAwesome (kid tech advertising platform). 

The co-founder of Anzu.io Itamar Benedy said, “It’s a crowded round, but that’s by design. The point is to maximize shareholder value and only raise what we need. This round is more about getting the right companies involved. Brands can use the same media buying platforms they’re used to buying with and they don’t have to create new assets. They can use what they have already.”

He further said, “Brands are brought into the game in the same way as they’d appear in the physical world,” he said. “But we also respect the game and the play. Nothing pops up, it’s not full screen, and it just becomes a native part of the user experience. A few years ago we had to educate brands about gaming in general and why they should even be in games. But now they get it, and the conversation has become about more practical matters, like what do I do and how do I do it.”

With the newly raised investment the Israeli startup is planning to expand globally starting in the US, with New York and Los Angeles. 

Last year Anzu.io became the only gaming company licensed for providing in-game advertising services for Xbox. They don’t have a relationship with the other leading gaming console Nintendo but its technology supports both of these major gaming engines. 

Founded by Ben Fenster, Itamar Benedy and Michael Badichi in 2017, Anzu.io is an in game platform that helps in bringing real value brands advertisement to video gaming and sports. The startup makes it easier for various labels to get an action with its in-game advertising. With its operation across PC and mobile platforms their technology blends the real world advertising in the highest quality video games, live streams and esports tournaments.

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