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A London-based agritech startup, Gardin, recently secured US $1.2 million in pre seed investment announced earlier today January 27, 2021. Leading the investment is LDV Capital, with participation from MMC Ventures and Seedcamp. The round also enjoyed funding from several angel investors including Gilad Engel, Abdulaziz Alrashed and Pratima Aiyagari. Gardin is a software and infotech startup devoted to using analytics and technology to aid the food production process.

Purpose of the Investment

Gardin intends to use the proceeds of the investment to develop an operating system that will power the future of farming and aid food manufacturers in providing food of high quality, nutrition and superior yields. The startup aims to accomplish this in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible, eliminating every kind of waste along the way. Their mission is to deliver nutritious, high quality food products to benefit the human race and the planet at large.

Products & Services offered

Gardin offers a variety of services all aimed at the agritech industry. Their operations are highlighted below:

  • The startup provides insight from analytics to aid food manufacturers in growing nutritious food, optimizing production, reducing carbon footprints and minimizing waste.
  • They empower food producers to feed the world nutritionally, consciously and sustainably. 
  • They help food manufacturers measure, analyze and monitor the nutritional value of food. This is done from “seed to plate in a real-world setting”.
  • The startup achieves all the aforementioned activities by providing a non-invasive and affordable solution to optimize returns and hard-earned margins. This is all done without incurring a high cost that is ultimately passed down to the consumer.

How does the process work?

Gardin uses optical phenotyping hardware in conjunction with their own analytics software to measure and keep track of the nutritional components in foods produced.

According to Sumanta Talukdar (founder and CEO of Gardin), the startup was established after a research carried out on the traditional food industry showed no means of quantifiably measuring the level of nutrition and quality of a diet. The startup then collaborated with several world-class plant scientists, physiologists and phenotyping experts in an attempt to identify the biological components in variants of plants and crops. “By designing hardware tailored to measuring the signature of these mechanisms, Gardin is able to quantify plant physiology and key compound density at a cost similar to consumer electronic products. To achieve this, we adopt a multispectral data fusion approach using a variety of computer vision and remote sensing strategies to capture key data which is then fused to drive the analytics.” said Talukdar.

Founder’s Insight

Gardin’s cutting-edge optical remote technology, analytics and machine vision allows manufacturers to measure plant physiology and proactively set the parameters for optimized operations. In the words of Talukdar, “We have designed our platform so we can integrate with their existing architectures. To us, asking a manufacturer in what is already an asset-heavy industry to change or add to their system to make us fit was folly.”

“Our full stack product is designed to run and optimize the entire developing environment operating stealthily in the background. In essence, we are solving their problems, helping food manufacturers grow higher quality food as well as minimizing their carbon footprint and operating costs.” added Talukdar.

Gardin, according to the founder, has already secured pilot trials ready to be launched this year in several key spaces including vertical farms, supermarket chains and food manufacturing corporations.

Company Profile

Gardin was officially established last year, 2020 with its headquarters in London, UK. The startup is currently engaged with some of the biggest and most technically advanced vertical farm platforms in Europe. Gardin has also laid down plans to start working with greenhouses this year. They plan to carry out initiatives like “vertical farming as a new business program”. Gardin seeks to provide tech for the growth of nutritional crops and ultimately, help to build a step-change with environmental issues, such as tackling food waste on a global scale.

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