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Lithuania based gaming start-up Eneba raises USD 7.85 million funds

With the rise in demand during the pandemic for digital entertainment, a Lithuanian gaming enterprise Eneba has just targeted USD 7.85 million capital in the series A funding round. On the online platform gamers could purchase games and other game related items such as gift items and vouchers. 

The funds accompanied would benefit the company’s user interface in developing and advancing the technology to provide the gamers a lag free and professional gaming experience. 

To keep up with the growing demands Eneba expanded its core team rapidly and now comprises approx. 140 software developers, marketers and risk analysts. 

What the funding is for: The capital acquired would be utilised for developing and strengthening the company’s global reach and accelerate its growth even further. The company would use its funding to progressively increase the investments in product development and manufacturing which would provide the players a faster, safer, and easier to use platform. 

Eneba is also aiming to eliminate risky transactions and simplify the refunding process and block many fraud threats which would bring them closer to establishing as one of the safest gaming enterprises on the internet. 

Founders of the company: Vytis Uogintas, Zygimantas Miksta

Legal name of the company: UAB Helis Play

Primary objective of the company: The company’s call is to bring a preeminent selection of games to every single interested gamer in an economical, safe and trustworthy manner. 

About the company: Eneba is a computer gaming association established in 2018 having a work strength of 51-200 employees. Its headquarters is set up at Kaunas, Kauno. Eneba.com is considered to be the fastest growing gaming hub to purchase games and other gaming accessories. They are also one of the safest platforms to access as there are no hidden fees, the price you see is the price to pay. In addition, Eneba has also provided a localised gaming experience which instantly hits the gamers. It was developed by using the automatic optimising discovery tools for enhancing the gaming tools. 

What the CEO has to say: “We had a lot of new users coming to Eneba during these uncertain times. While it was extremely satisfying to see our numbers increase tenfold, there was a challenge to meet the demand. To better reflect our user numbers, we had to quickly expand our team.” said Zygimantas Miksta CEO of Eneba.

“Finding people, you can trust and have the same vision as yours is not easy. However, we had plenty of contacts from our previous ventures that kickstarted the whole process. Right from the get-go we were emphasizing our company culture as our top priority.” said Vytis Uogintas, CEO of Eneba. 

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