Home Breaking News Small Business Innovation Research Grants Awarded to Homegrown STEM Companies

Small Business Innovation Research Grants Awarded to Homegrown STEM Companies

Small Business Innovation Research Grants Awarded to Homegrown STEM Companies
Small Business Innovation Research Grants Awarded to Homegrown STEM Companies

The New Mexico Economic Development Department (NDD) announced awarding (NMSBIR) New Mexico Small Business Innovation Research Grants to three high technology companies for helping their businesses to strive on 13th January 2021. 

The three enterprises which are receiving the grant are:

1. UbiQD in Los Alamos

2. Mesa Photonics in Santa Fe

3. BennuBio in Albuquerque

The New Mexico Small Business Innovation Research grant program is an initiative by the Economic Development Department of New Mexico for providing additional resources to commercialize their developed technology using the federal SBIR funding. It is particularly designed for supporting local science and technology enterprises for achieving their goals. The program is overseen by the economic development department office of science and technology. 

Alicia J. Keyes. the Cabinet Secretary of New Mexico Small Business Innovation Research said “These companies have proven that innovation thrives in New Mexico. The products they have developed will disrupt markets. The state assistance is helping these businesses grow faster and create the higher-paying jobs we need to diversify the economy.”

The Technology Research Collaborative (TRC) Board reviews the application for the competitive grant and consists of 11 University, business and science experts. Initially the TRC board reviewed 7 applications and selected three of them to award funding grants. 


UbiQD Logo

Ubiqd is a Los Alamos New Mexico based advanced materials company that powers product innovations in clean energy, security and agriculture. The novel Quantum dots of the company enable the industry leaders in harnessing the power of light. They produce these low-toxicity quantum dots (QDs) in an quite inexpensive manner that they will become ubiquitous through the target applications like safety, solar energy, design, lighting, security, and personal care.

Mesa Photonics

Mesa Photonics, LLC logo

Mesa Photonics is a Santa Fe based company which has created a ground based remote sensor for measuring variations in the humidity from ground up altitudes which are as high as 50 thousand feet. These remote sensors can be used for improving weather forecasting and understanding the climate in a better way. The sensors developed by Mesa Photonics can be easily set up anywhere and measure humidity using laser technology for observing extremely minute changes in the intensity of sunlight. Since the laser light is completely contained within the sensor it is completely safe.


BennuBio Logo

BennuBio is an Albuquerque based biotechnology company visa developing cement that can use the flow cytometry paradigm for analyzing samples regardless of the sample volume or size. The first project value site is a flow cytometer which is a near perfect starting point for the creation of a high-throughput screening platform that utilizes multicellular models for drug discoveries.

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